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How do I get turbo kick certified?

In order to become a Turbo Kick® Instructor, all you have to do is attend an Instructor Training. We will teach you correct form and technique so you’ll be able to help your students get more out of each workout. You’ll learn how to create a party atmosphere that will keep your students coming back for more!

What is Turbo Kick class?

Turbo Kick is a cardio kickboxing dance class that tones muscle and torches fat. Punch through to the next level of your personal fitness journey while jamming to party tunes —and have a blast doing it! Get a knockout body through high-intensity and fast-paced choreographed steps. Turbo Kick classes are addictive.

Who created Turbo Kick?

Chalene Johnson
Physical fitness entrepreneur Chalene Johnson created Turbo Kick® in 1997, and the workout has only gotten better since then.

Does Beachbody have Turbokick?

YOU GET Learn from the best. Our skilled Master Trainers give you everything you need to lead Turbo Kick LIVE classes with confidence, including: Hands-On Instructor Training: Learn how to cue the moves, perfect your form, and motivate your class.

What is the difference between turbo kick and kickboxing?

TURBO KICK is cardio kickboxing taken to the next level and incorporates interval training into its program design. URBAN KICK is an innovative and athletic format that expertly blends cardio kickboxing with sports conditioning drills.

How do I become a kickboxing instructor?

To begin your career as a kickboxing instructor, you need at least a high school diploma or GED certificate. An associate or bachelor’s degree in a fitness-related field can help you get jobs as a fitness instructor or personal trainer.

Is turbo kick a good workout?

Because a Turbo Kick class combines cardio, intervals, and strength training, you can burn over 500 calories in each class. Get stronger, leaner, and more fit with a class that is so fun, it flies by in the blink of an eye. The mental challenge of Turbo Kick training keeps your brain challenged, and your mind alert.

How do you become a Beachbody instructor?

To be a Beachbody Master Trainer, you must:

  1. Be an inspiring, passionate, skilled leader with 2 or more years of experience as a group fitness instructor.
  2. Be currently teaching at a fitness facility.
  3. Be comfortable recruiting gyms in your community.
  4. Be an energetic, knowledgeable representative of your chosen format.

Is Tony Horton still with Beachbody?

Tony Horton stepped back from Beachbody around 2018. Since he’s created his own home workout programs through other companies. Next Level. launched around 2019 and is currently on Amazon.

How old is Chalene Johnson?

52 years (February 2, 1969)
Chalene Johnson/Age