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How do I get thresh souls?

Innate:Enemies who die near Thresh drop souls for 8 seconds, which he can collect by either approaching them or by placing Dark Passage’s lantern near them.

Why is Thresh so evil?

What Makes Him Pure Evil? He was known for his cruel ideations which turned him into an outcast among the other monks of his order, so he was left alone with only his resentful thoughts for company, making him hate his own brethren.

Can Thresh be an ADC?

He isnt an ADC. If you play him as an ADC and succed often, you are playing in low skill games. End of story. He can still be a carry, just not an -AD- carry.

Is Ad Thresh support good?

And about the AD support Thresh, I actually run it consistently. I have the record of 10-3 currently in season 4 sitting at high gold, was plat season 3. The early game aa harass is noticeable along with the flay passive so it makes him have so much presence which leads to a winning lane.

What Lane is Thresh lol?

Thresh is a lane dominant Support. This means he can often win lane and win the game just by getting kills. Q in the mid-game could snowball into a huge advantage.

What can you do with AP thresh in League?

Sure AP Thresh Mid may be the second most ******ed thing you can do with Thresh other than Thresh Jungle but League is all about hoping the other team is dumber than you are. And in those moments where you happen to be against someone with no brain (Silver 4 and below) you can land your hook, you can poke with your flay, and you can land your box.

Is there such a thing as AP thresh mid?

AP Thresh. But not just any AP Thresh, AP Thresh Mid. Now you might have seen some AP Thresh Mid guides in the past saying stuff like “omgzz AP Thresh Mid is BROKEN. SO MUCH DAMAGE POGGERS!!!”. These people don’t know what they’re talking about. AP Thresh Mid is just about the worst thing you can ever play – other than Janna ADC 😉 😉 🙂

Do you need CDR for AP thresh mid?

Transcendence now the one thing AP Thresh Mid needs – other than an amazing team to carry the sh*t out of you – is CDR. All your cooldowns are really long and your autos do less damage than ricegum did to idubbz’s reputation. So you need CDR, but not just 10 or 20% CDR.

Why is AP thresh so good in Iron IV?

AP Thresh works well because of the scalings on his abilities and tank Thresh works well thanks to the passive armor and AP gain Thresh gets. AP Thresh can do lots of damage after 2 or 3 items, being able to 1v1 most squishies and even tanks.