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How do I get rid of VitalSource?


  1. Exit out of the Bookshelf application.
  2. With your mouse click on the Go menu (top of the screen).
  3. Click on the Library option.
  4. In the Finder window that appears locate Application Support > Books > VitalSource Bookshelf> VitalBook Library.
  5. Delete all the *.vbk files present.
  6. Launch Bookshelf.

Can two people use VitalSource?

VitalSource Bookshelf allows for two computers and mobile devices activated at any given one time on your account.

How do I log into VitalSource?

Go to – to download the bookshelf application for your computer or mobile device. After installing Bookshelf, open Bookshelf and sign in with your email and password, after you download your eTextbooks, you will not need to be online to read your eTextbooks.

How do you merge VitalSource accounts?

Sign in with the email address that you used to purchase or download the item initially. If you know you have multiple accounts with VitalSource, contact VitalSource Support and we will merge them for you.

How do I delete a book from VitalSource Bookshelf?

Step 1 – Tap and hold on the Bookshelf icon until a trash can icon in the top right-hand side of the screen. Drag the app to the trash can to uninstall Bookshelf. Step 2 – Confirm you wish to uninstall Bookshelf.

How do I cancel VitalSource Bookshelf?

Select an item to go to the order details page. From there, use the Request Refund button below your item. In the pop-up window, confirm the reason for the refund and select the Refund button.

Can I copy and paste VitalSource?

1. Click the Copy icon. 2. Navigate to the location where you will paste the content, and click the Paste icon.

Can you print VitalSource eBooks?

VitalSource Bookshelf allows users to print the eBooks but it has print page limitations so you can only print a few pages one time. Step 2: Click the Book cover and navigate to the first page of the book which you want to print. Step 3: Click on File at the menu and select Print from the drop-down list.

How do I get my VitalSource access code?

A VitalSource Access Code is a code you redeem in Bookshelf to access your materials. You can find the link to your VitalSource Access Code on your receipt from the bookstore.

What is a VitalSource account?

An account is required to purchase on the VitalSource store. That account is used to access your eTextbook through our eReader, VitalSource Bookshelf. You may purchase from our stores provided you have a valid billing address in that country.

How do I change my VitalSource email?

How do I change my email address? You can update the email address you use with VitalSource by logging into our account center and changing your email address. Should you run into issues, contact VitalSource Support for help 24/7.

Is VitalSource down?

According to its status page VitalSource is currently up. You can check the most recent events in the ‘Recent Outages and Issues’ section above.