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How do I get into the prison in Batman Arkham City?

Gain access to Blackgate Prison via the sewers | Main storyline Batman: AO Guide

  1. Unstable floor.
  2. Pull yourself towards the successive anchor points.
  3. You need to pull yourself towards the weakened wall and smash it.
  4. Aim the glue grenades at two other pipes (they are located on the right).

How do you raise the water level in Batman Arkham origins?

When you reach the wall, climb, head left, and activate this panel. A power flux will begin across the hall. Throw a Remote Controlled Batarang through and disable the power box to raise the water level.

How do you stop the Joker in Batman Arkham origins?

Stop the Joker | Main storyline Batman: AO Guide Go east and use the hook to reach the top of the metal gate. It is a good idea to attacks the prisoners gathered at the nearby yard, from here, by throwing them a concussion detonator or a glue grenade or sabotage the gun one of them has, using the disruptor.

How do you unlock blackgate prisoners in NFS Most Wanted?

Way to unlock the mission: You get the opportunity to unlock this mission some time after you have completed the game’s campaign mode. Wait until Captain Gordon calls Batman and asks help arresting twenty criminals who have escaped the prison.

What is Black Gate Batman?

Blackgate Penitentiary is a fictional prison depicted in the DC Universe, traditionally located on a small island in the Gotham Bay, Gotham City. Batman: The Long Halloween suggests that it was preceded by Gotham State Penitentiary, which appeared often in pre-Crisis comics.

Who is black mask in Arkham Origins?

Roman Sionis
The Black Mask presented in Arkham Origins is the original character, an evil, sadistic individual by the name of Roman Sionis. In the original comic fiction, Sionis showed up as Black Mask in 1985. Sionis was the son of a wealthy socialite couple in Gotham, much like Bruce Wayne.

How do I apprehend blackgate prisoners?

Travel to a marker and get close enough to identify the Prisoner. He then is marked with an orange glow. Defeat the thugs surrounding him and himself. Afterwards you interrogate him and call Captain Gordon to request pick up of the convict.

Why did the Joker have blood on his shoes?

The final shot of Joker is a long take looking down the asylum hallway as Arthur exits the shrink’s office, leaving bloody footprints behind as he goes, implying he killed his therapist.