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How do I get in touch with building regulations?

Contact building control

  1. 020 8753 3387 (9.30am to 12.30pm, Monday to Friday)
  2. [email protected].

What happens if building work is not signed off?

The Local Authority has to see that building work complies with the Regulations. If the work does not comply, you may be asked to alter or remove it. If you fail to do this, the Local Authority may serve a notice requiring you do so within 28 days, and you will be liable for the costs.

Can I get a copy of building regulations certificate?

Can I obtain a copy of Building Regulation Full Plans Approval Notice and/or the Completion certificate? Yes. Copies can be obtained by written request via post, e-mail or fax.

What is the four year rule?

‘THE 4 YEAR RULE’ applies to building, engineering or other works which have taken place without the benefit of planning permission, and that have remained unchallenged by enforcement action for 4 years or more. In this context one has undertaken operational development or physical works.

What do building control do UK?

The primary function of the Building Control service is to protect people’s health and safety in the built environment. This involves, among other things, enforcing the following legislation: The Building Act 1984. The Building Regulations and other allied legislation.

How much does it cost for a building inspector UK?

This can vary according to local authority fee rates and the nature of the work undertaken, but as a rule of thumb most conversion, renovation or extension work will cost around £100 to submit full plans and a further £200-400 for inspections.

Who enforces building regulations UK?

A local authority has a general duty to enforce the building regulations in its area and will seek to do so by informal means wherever possible. If informal enforcement does not achieve compliance with the regulations the local authority has two formal enforcement powers which it may use in appropriate cases.

What does the building and Construction Authority do?

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) champions the development and transformation of the built environment sector, in order to improve Singapore’s living environment.

How does building control work in the UK?

Local authority building control teams in England and Wales help people comply with the building regulations by giving feedback on plans and providing site inspections. The local authority has a general duty to see that building work complies with the Building Regulations, unless it is under the control of an approved inspector.

Who are the local authority building control services?

We work with the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) which represents all local authority building control services in England and Wales. We’re part of a network of over 3,500 professionals who care about the long-term safety and performance of buildings in your community.

Who is the building and construction authority in Singapore?

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is an agency under the Ministry of National Development, whose mission is to shape a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment. As the lead public agency, we champion transforming Singapore into a future-ready built environment.