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How do I get a copy of my Utah marriage certificate?

Request by Phone (385) 468-7300

  1. Be one of the spouses listed on the marriage license.
  2. Provide the year of marriage and the names as they appear on the license.
  3. Provide a return phone number.
  4. Provide a Visa or MasterCard with the following information: Name as it appears on the card. The credit card statement address.

Are Utah marriage records public?

Are Utah Marriage Records Public Information? Marriage Records in the state of Utah only become public information after 75 years.

How do I solemnize a marriage in Utah?

To get married in Utah, you need to apply for a marriage license and have the marriage solemnized. You can apply for a marriage license at any county clerk’s office. Visit the Utah City and County page on the state’s website for links to local government pages, and look for a link that says something like County Clerk.

How do I go about changing my last name after marriage?

How to Change Your Name in 10 Steps

  1. Get Your Marriage License and Certified Copies.
  2. Update Your Social Security Card.
  3. Get a New Driver’s License.
  4. Get a New Passport and Travel Documents.
  5. Change the Name on Your Bank Accounts.
  6. Change the Name on Your Credit Cards.
  7. Provide Your New Name and Banking Information to Your Employer.

Can you look up marriage records online?

FamilySearch is a free website with indexes and some images to many Family History Library vital records collections. GenWed is a free genealogical research database for marriage records and a directory to other marriage records online for the United States.

Does your Social Security number change when you get married?

Your SSN is assigned at birth and, in most cases, never changes. You are not legally required to get a new Social Security card when you get married unless you change your name.

When you get married does your name automatically change?

Since your name does not change automatically when you get married, you have to make sure you follow all the necessary legal steps to changing your name after the wedding.

What happens if you lose your marriage certificate?

If your marriage license goes missing before the wedding, head back to the clerk’s office where you filed for it to request a duplicate license. You may need to file an affidavit and be prepared to pay a fee. The process and fee will vary from state to state, as will the requirements about who can pick up the copy.

How do I acquire a copy of my marriage certificate?

Find the appropriate office. Search online for the vital records office in

  • Go during customer service hours. The office may have specific days and hours for public customer
  • Fill out the request form. Each office typically will have a request form available with blanks
  • How do you get a copy of your marriage license in Utah?

    The officiant who solemnizes the marriage must sign the certificate of marriage. They then file the certificate and marriage license with the county clerk who issued the license to you. You can obtain a certified copy of your marriage license after your ceremony. In Utah County, one copy is included free of charge.

    Where can I get a copy of my marriage CERT?

    You can get a copy of your marriage certificate from the courthouse clerk in the county where you filed for marriage. You can also visit the Department of Health – Vital Records Department website and order a certified copy of your marriage certificate online.

    How to get a duplicate marriage certificate?

    A certified copy of the marriage certificate can be obtained by contacting the county clerk’s office in the county where the marriage was performed. This copy is an exact replica of the original marriage certificate filed with the court.