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How do I entertain my pet rat?

Rats enjoy playing in cardboard boxes with holes cut in them, toilet paper tubes stuffed with shredded paper or hay, small pieces of apple branches cut from a pesticide-free tree in the yard, ping-pong balls and paper bags from the grocery store.

How do you mentally stimulate a rat?

Provide your pet rat or mouse with mental stimulation by hiding their food in specially designed toys. There are many foraging toys designed for birds that can be used for rodents as well, such as pieces of cholla or bamboo. Fill the holes with some of your pet’s food and watch him work to retrieve it.

What do rats enjoy doing?

Climbing and Exploring Rats are curious little creatures, and they love to explore — especially climbing and tunneling. Ropes and swings are also reliable rat favorites, but make sure that they’re made from non-toxic materials, as he’ll enjoy chewing on them as much as climbing them.

Can rats play games?

Rats enjoy playing games with other rats, with toys and with people. Rats are very intelligent and curious, and they tend to learn quickly. Providing mental stimulation through play and training will enhance the rat’s natural intelligence. Use positive reinforcements such as praise and little treats.

How do I make my pet rat happy?

5 Things You Can Do to Make Rats And Mice Happy

  1. Provide Them with Companions. Rats and mice are extremely social creatures and usually prefers to be with the same species as them.
  2. Give Them a Place or Room of Their Own to Enjoy.
  3. Offer Them Foods, Treats, And Chew Toys.
  4. Allow Them to Exercise.
  5. Again, Give More Toys.

What should I put in my rat cage?

The cage floor should be:

  1. Covered with non-toxic wood chips or paper-based rat bedding.
  2. Don’t use cedar or pine wood chips as these are toxic for small pets like rats.
  3. Don’t use dusty materials such as wood shavings or sawdust.

Why does my rat bite me softly?

Rats play-fight a lot. If he bites fingers pushed through the bars, he thinks the fingers are treats. Gentle nibbling which doesn’t hurt in the least is not going to turn into biting. Your rat is just being inquisitive, trying to catch your attention or showing affection, and you do not need to do anything.

Do rats like to be tossed?

Toss your rat onto a cushioned surface. It may sound strange, but rats enjoy getting thrown around a little, similar to puppies and kittens. Try to make sure your rodent buddy lands on its feet to avoid a bumpy landing.

How do I get my rat to chew his toys?

Cut an empty toilet roll into thin circles, and slide them through each other to create a ball. Place a treat inside and let your rats try to take it out. Alternatively, simply fold the ends of an empty toilet roll in with a treat inside. They’ll have to chew through the roll to get to the treat.