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How do I edit the metadata of a song?

If you’re a Windows user, you can use the music app that is built into Windows 10, Groove Music.

  1. Open Groove Music and load your music.
  2. Right click your trach or album in the center pane and select Edit info.
  3. Edit the metadata in the Edit Album Info window and hit Save when you’re done.

How do I edit album information in Windows 10?

Under “My Music” select “Only on this device” option. Now select the tracks/albums whose metadata you want to edit. Select “Edit Info” from the menu. In the next window, you can edit all the information including the album title, artist, and genre.

How do I edit metadata in Windows Media Player?

Editing ID3 tags in Windows Media Player 12

  1. Open Windows Media Player and go to Library Tab.
  2. Under Artist or Albums, look for the file to be edited.
  3. Right-Click and then select Edit on the fields available to enter the proper data (i.e., Track number, Title of the track, Artist Name, Album Name, Genre, etc.)

How do I change the properties of a song in Windows Media Player?

In this article

  1. Introduction.
  2. 1Right-click the song (or, in the case of an album, the selected songs).
  3. 2Choose Find Album Info.
  4. 3Choose Edit.
  5. 4Fill in the tag information the way you want it to appear.
  6. 5Click Done when you’re through tidying up the information.

How do I fix MP3 metadata?

In Windows Media Player, right-click an MP3 and select “Find album info”. Select “Edit” and fill in the proper track information in their respective fields. This fixes their tags on your hard drive.

Why can’t I edit info in groove?

If Edit info is not available, then it means that the selected album is not saved locally on your PC. Note: You can click/tap on the Find album info button to update metadata for marked tracks. You would select what you want on the left side, and click/tap on Finish when done.

How do I change EXIF data in Windows 10?

To edit the metadata on image files, right-click the file and select Properties. In the image properties, click on the Details tab. The details tab shows all the metadata contained within the photograph. You can quickly edit the information by clicking the value field next to the property.

How do you edit the length of a song?

If you have an MP3 song that needs to be edited, you can do so using some free audio software. As a Mac user, you can use iTunes, which comes with your computer, to edit the length of any MP3. As a Windows user, you can download iTunes or use another free audio editor, such as Audacity and MP3 Direct Cut.

How do I edit a music tag?

Tap on the field you wish to edit (title, artist, album, genre or year). Type the desired information in the field. Use the on-screen keyboard to delete or edit the current information, if needed.

How do I change my MP3 information automatically?

Once your music manager has fixed your MP3 tags automatically, you can tweak individual MP3 tags. In Windows Media Player, right-click an MP3 and select “Find album info”. Select “Edit” and fill in the proper track information in their respective fields. This fixes their tags on your hard drive.

How can I edit music on Windows 10?

Start Windows Media Player and select the Library option from the menu bar.

  • From the list of songs appearing in the library,choose a particular song,right-click and choose the edit option.
  • You can now begin editing for the required category and press the enter button on the keyboard.
  • How to edit or add metadata?

    Steps Understand metadata conventions. Each type of metadata has its own unique conventions and rules. Access metadata. In order to edit or change metadata, you will need to make sure that you have access to it. Locate metadata tags. Rewrite metadata. Save or apply changes.

    How to edit your MP3 music metadata?

    Alternatively, you can edit metadata information in virtually any file format, including music files, using File Explorer: Open File Explorer (Windows key + E). Browse the location of the songs you want to edit. Right-click a song, and select Properties. Click the Details tab. Everything you see in the “Details” tab is part of the metadata information, and you can quickly edit most of it by clicking the value field next to the property.

    What is the best MP3 editor?

    MusicBrainz Picard. MusicBrainz Picard is a free open source MP3 tag editor for Windows,Mac,Linux,and other operating systems.

  • EasyTAG. EasyTAG is another good open source MP3 tag editor for Windows.
  • Kid3 Tag Editor. Kid3 Tag Editor is yet another open source MP3 tag editor for Windows,Mac,Linux,BSD,and Android.
  • MPTagThat.
  • MP3 Book Helper.