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How do I check my exam timetable UQ?

Examinations – University of Queensland. To view your personal exam timetable, you will need to log in using your UQ student username and password. Students who have exams scheduled on campus will receive a subsequent timetable on Wednesday 27 October. This timetable will contain venue details.

How do I schedule a timetable at UQ?

To start planning your timetable:

  1. Select ‘Planner’ from the My Timetable menu.
  2. Click ‘Generate’ to create an initial timetable.
  3. Select classes on the grid to swap for preferred days/times, as necessary.
  4. Click on the ‘Save’ icon to name and save your plan. You can create and edit multiple plans.

What time do UQ grades come out?

UQ – University of Queensland….End-of-semester exams.

Event Dates
Deadline for deferred exam requests No later than 5 calendar days after the date the original exam was held
Release of grades Wednesday 1 December 2021
Deadline for supplementary assessment requests Sunday 5 December 2021, 11.59pm

Can you defer a supplementary exam UQ?

If circumstances prevented you from sitting your supplementary exam you can apply for a deferred supplementary exam. You must provide documentation that demonstrates how exceptional and unavoidable circumstances prevented you from taking your deferred exam.

What happens if you fail a deferred exam?

If your assessment is deferred due to Extenuating Circumstances (coursework or examination) to the summer resit period and you subsequently fail, you may not be able to progress to the next academic year if you do not have the sufficient number of credits.

What is a central examination?

End-of-semester exams are also called “central exams”. These are held during designated end-of-semester exam periods.

What does UQ timetable mean?

UQ (Blackboard). Traditionally Learn. UQ (Blackboard) is populated with the following groups: Contact (CON), Seminars (SMR), Practicals (PRA) and Tutorials (TUT).

How long is a uni semester?

approximately 15 weeks
A semester system divides the academic year into two sessions: fall and spring. Each session is approximately 15 weeks long, with a winter break between the fall and spring sessions and a summer break after the spring session.

What percentage is a 7 at UQ?

Tertiary institutions

% ACU, ACS, Adelaide, Bond, Canberra, CDU, CQU, CSU, UDivinity, Flinders, JCU, MQ, Newcastle, QUT, SCU, UNE, UNSW, Sydney, Torrens, UOW, USC, UTS, WSU, ACAP, AIM Griffith, UQ identify specific grades in some courses
95-99 High Distinction (HD) 7
80-84 Distinction (D) 6

Where do I find my grades UQ?

Final grades are available on mySI-net at the end of each semester. The release date is listed on the important exam dates page.

What happens if I fail a supplementary exam?

What Happens if you Fail a Supplementary Exam. Failing a matric re-write doesn’t mean your academic life comes to a halt. If you fail, you can register to redo your matric. It might take longer than you expected but you will achieve your goal at the end.

What happens if I fail a class UQ?

If you’ve failed a course, it’s important to ask for feedback on your results as soon as possible. In certain circumstances, you may be allowed to apply for a supplementary assessment, or an assessment re-mark.

When do UQ summer semester exams come out?

Summer Semester: February. End-of-semester exam timetables are published on the my.UQ homepage around 5 weeks before an examination period’s start date. For Summer Semester, exam timetables are available in late January. A personal exam timetable will be emailed to your student email address.

Where can I Find my University of Queensland exam timetable?

Exam timetables are published on the my.UQ homepage. See below for general information about exam block dates. It is not necessary to request off-campus exams for online exams. Refer to off-campus exams for more information

Where do I find the venue for my UQ exam?

Exam venues are listed on your personal exam timetable, which is sent to your student email address. Exams may be held in a venue you are unfamiliar with. On the day of your exam you should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your exam’s scheduled start time.

When do I get my Saturday mid-semester exam timetable?

Timetables for Saturday mid-semester exams are published on the my.UQ homepage around 4 weeks before the exams are scheduled. A personal exam timetable will be emailed to your student email address.