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How do I call T-Mobile customer service from my phone?

How to contact your Team of Experts:

  1. Call us. Simply dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or use the T-Mobile app to give us a call.
  2. Message us. Send a message to your Team of Experts in the T-Mobile app, My T-Mobile, or Apple Business Chat.
  3. We’ll call you.

How long is the wait for T-Mobile customer service?

Call wait times are back to normal, under 90 seconds. And for the most part, we’re delivering customers their same dedicated TEX teams.

What is the 1 800 number for straight talk?

For assistance or more information about your Straight Talk Product or Service, please contact Straight Talk Customer Care at 1-877-430-2355.

Does tmobile outsource customer service?

T-Mobile employees in Boise, Idaho organized curbside technology pickup so customer care teams can work from home during COVID-19 pandemic. Between March 11 and March 31, T-Mobile moved almost our entire customer care workforce out of 17 call centers across the US and into a work from home operation.

Does it cost money to call 611?

Does 611 cost money? There is no charge for *611 calls. If for some strange reason you’re being billed for it, call customer service at *811 to get it corrected. BTW, *611 is network support.

How do I contact T Mobile?

T-Mobile can be contacted by Internet Live Chat, dialing 611 from T-Mobile phones or dialing 1-877-453-1304, or by mail.

How do I contact T-Mobile?

How to Contact T-Mobile Customer Service. Best T-Mobile Customer Service Contact option: Phone: 800-937-8997 – When the phone picks up, say “I don’t have one”. Then press 1. You can also reach out to T-Mobile customer service by email or by chat. Email response times are unknown. If you’re in need of fast customer service from T-mobile,…

What is T Mobile customer care phone number?

T-Mobile’s Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-T-MOBILE (1-800-866-2453). Alternatively, if you are calling from a mobile connected to the T-Mobile network, you can simply dial 611 instead.

How do you unlock your T Mobile phone?

Unlock your device with the T- Mobile Unlock App To unlock any T-Mobile phone that has GSM -compatibility, follow this process: Tap “Device Unlock” from your app list. Place your order with the correct IMEI number and other details about the make and model of your phone. Select “Permanent Unlock” and enter the unlock code we will email to you.