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How do I bulk up my resume?

5 Ways To Bulk Up Your ResumeDo an internship. An internship is basically an unpaid stint of work that you do in exchange for experience. Volunteer. Volunteering is similar to an internship except it’s not necessarily about getting work experience. Mention your hobbies/sports/social media skills. Do it yourself. Get references.

How do you put skills on a beginner resume?

Tips for including skill levels on your resumeEnlist the help of a template. List the skills you are most experienced in, first. List your technical skills before interpersonal skills. Include more expert and proficient skills than novice skills. Choose skills that reflect the job position. Utilize horizontal space.

How do I write a good resume 2020?

1. Keep It SimpleUse clear section headings and make them stand out with bold type, capital letters, and/or a different color.Make sure there’s plenty of white space—an overstuffed resume is hard to read.Skip the fancy graphics, pie charts, and illustrations, which don’t play well with resume-scanning software.