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How do I add SharePoint to Okta?

Start this procedure

  1. Add the SharePoint (On-Premises) app. Go to Applications > Applications > Add Application and search for the app.
  2. Go to SharePoint (On-Premise) app > Sign On > View Setup Instructions to install and configure SharePoint People Picker 2.0. 0.0.

Does SharePoint support SAML?

SharePoint 2016 does not support the SAML 2.0, you have to use the Saml 1.1, WS-Federation 1.1. SAML token-based authentication in SharePoint Server 2016 uses the SAML 1.1 protocol and the WS-Federation Passive Requestor Profile (WS-F PRP).

Why use Okta?

Enterprises use Okta’s web-based, single sign-on (SSO) application to provide a single centralised interface to access third-party platforms. Okta helps secure access to popular cloud apps such as Gmail, Office 365, Salesforce, and the plethora of applications employees need to do their job.

What is Okta mobile used for?

Okta Mobile lets you work on cloud apps the same way you work on Desktop apps. Whether you are using iOS or Android devices, Okta Mobile can secure both by enabling SSO (Single Sign-On) giving you immediate access to all of your company’s applications. Okta Mobile keeps your daily workflow secure and safe.

What is SSO in SharePoint?

SharePoint SSO solution by miniOrange provides secure access and full control over multiple Web and SAAS applications to enterprise users. SharePoint SSO let users to Single Sign-On into SharePoint account with one set of login credentials, eliminating user-managed passwords and the risk of phishing.

What is SharePoint SAML?

Overview of federated authentication In federated authentication, SharePoint processes SAML tokens issued by a trusted, external Security Token Service (STS). A user who attempts to log on is redirected to that STS, which authenticates the user and generates a SAML token upon successful authentication.

Why is Okta so expensive?

*Auth0 and Okta actually do both public app and corporate user management, so it’s not as simple when comparing them but you can research their sites for more info. Of course it can also just authenticate users, but that’s a tiny part of the functionality which is why it is so much more expensive.

Is Okta an IDP?

Identity Providers (IdPs) are services that manage user accounts. Adding IdPs in Okta enables your end users to self-register with your custom applications by first authenticating with a social account or a smart card.

How do I enable SSO in SharePoint?


  1. From the MaaS360® Portal Home page, select Docs > Content Sources. The Manage Content Sources page is displayed.
  2. Click Add Source > Microsoft SharePoint.
  3. Select Use Office 365 > Enable SSO, and then enter the application (client) ID in the App Client ID section.
  4. Click Save.

How do I set up SSO in SharePoint?

To configure single sign on for web application in SharePoint 2013, create the identity token issuer using the signing certificate, and upload the root certificate of the signing certificate used for the SharePoint server application, and configure Trusted Identity provider for your SharePoint server web application.

Can a SharePoint App be run on Okta?

There can be multiple apps running on SharePoint, each of which needs a SharePoint app within Okta. Application attributes: Admins can send information about Okta user profile attributes to SharePoint for auditing or logging purposes. Sending any custom Okta attributes is also supported.

What does Okta group filter do in SharePoint?

Group filter: This field is sent as part of a SAML assertion. This is used for checking permissions in SharePoint. Go to SharePoint (On-Premise) app > Sign On > View Setup Instructions to install and configure SharePoint People Picker Okta Group Push is not currently supported with the SharePoint On-Premises application.

Which is identity management service does Okta use?

Okta is an on-demand identity and access management service that provides single sign-on (SSO), user management, and analytics across cloud applications and on premises web applications from any device and for any user. Okta also operates as a federation service provider, serving as the identity layer for web applications.

What can Okta be used for in a business?

Okta can solve this problem, allowing enterprises to roll out a portal on a platform such as SharePoint, and easily provide access to the entire organization, across multiple business units and silos. Okta can be used as the identity layer for a broad spectrum of external sites, such as consumer websites, B2B portals or SaaS applications.