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How do I add a action filter in tableau?

Create or edit a filter action

  1. Do either of the following:
  2. In the Actions dialog box, click Add Action, and then select Filter.
  3. Specify a name for the action.
  4. Select a source sheet or data source.
  5. Specify how the action runs:
  6. Select a target sheet.
  7. Specify what happens when the selection is cleared in the view:

What is action filters in tableau?

Tableau action filters send information between worksheets. Basically, when you select marks from a certain worksheet, such information is send to other worksheets – hence showing the related information.

How do I add a filter drop-down in tableau?

To show a filter in the view: Interact with the card to filter your data. Note: In Tableau Desktop, you can add an interactive filter to the view for a field that is not currently used in the view. To do so, In the Data pane, click the field drop-down menu, and then select Show Filter.

How do I add actions to a dashboard in tableau?

Navigate from one view to another view, dashboard, or story

  1. From your dashboard, select Dashboard > Actions.
  2. In the Actions dialog box, click Add Action and then select Go to Sheet.
  3. Specify a name for the action.
  4. Select a source sheet that will initiate the action.

How do I add a filter button in tableau?

Select Dashboard > Actions and choose the following options:

  1. Select Filter Action.
  2. Select “Apply button” for Source Sheets and all sheets for Target Sheets.
  3. Select “All Fields” for Target Filters, or you can specify fields by clicking “Add Filter”.

How do actions work in Tableau?

Add context and interactivity to your data using actions. Users interact with your visualizations by selecting marks, or hovering, or clicking a menu, and the actions you set up can respond with navigation and changes in the view.

How do I create a custom filter in tableau?

In Tableau Desktop, open the workbook, or create a new one, and set up the connection to the data you want to filter. Navigate to the worksheet that you want to apply a filter to. Select Server > Create User Filter. Then select the field you want to use for filtering the view.

How do you create a slider filter in tableau?

Here were my steps:

  1. Duplicate orders.
  2. Drag duplicate to filter, select All Values, select range of 10-300, select OK, select Show Filter.
  3. Drag ‘Orders’ to filter, beneath the duplicate, select All Values, Select OK (the range will show 10-100 for some reason(?), but just ignore and select OK)

How do you add actions in tableau?

Create a set action

  1. In a worksheet, select Worksheet >Actions.
  2. In the Actions dialog box, click Add Action and then select Change Set Values.
  3. In the Add/Edit Set Action dialog box, specify a meaningful name for the action.
  4. Select a source sheet or data source.
  5. Select how users will run the action.

How do I add a filter to an existing Tableau Dashboard?

1 Answer. Add a filter to a worksheet in a dashboard by clicking the down arrow on the top right of the worksheet and then selecting Filters and the dimension you want to filter against.

How do you add filters to a tableau dashboard?

Open the workbook in Tableau Desktop. Navigate to the dashboard, and select Dashboard > Actions. Select the Filter Action, and then click Edit. Under Target Filters, select Selected Fields. Click Add Filter. In the Source and Target drop-down menus, choose the desired field to filter, and then click OK three times.

How do I add a filter to a dashboard in tableau?

Tableau Desktop will automatically add the filter to all device layouts if no modifications have been made to the device layout separate from the default layout. In the left-hand Dashboard pane, under Layout drag the desired filter from the list of all possible filters into the view.

What is filtering in tableau?

Filtering is a method of controlling which rows of data are used to perform the analysis and appear in the view in Tableau. An easy way to filter data in Tableau is by using the Filters shelf. When you drop fields onto this shelf, Tableau allows you to select the values you want to use from the data contained within that field.

What is action in tableau?

Tableau action is a dashboard action which is an interactive element on a Tableau dashboard that is driven from within the worksheet. It gives the dashboard interactivity.