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How did James Perkins make his money?

After starting out in the dance events business, James was a millionaire by the time he was 24, founding the rave brand Fantazia and then starting a record label Fantazia Music in the Nineties.

Who is Sophie Perkins?

Sophie Perkins is the co-Mastermind behind Anyhoe Park and A Modern Grand Tour. Aynhoe park is Sophie’s private family home, best known for its breath-taking events, global photo shoots & exclusive product launches.

Has Aynhoe PARK been sold?

Aynhoe Park, the Grade I Listed 17th Century Country House rebuilt after the English Civil War in Oxfordshire is set for restoration and conversion works after being sold by its exuberant former owner James Perkins to an anonymous buyer late last year.

Who is James perkins Aynhoe?

James Perkins is a restorer of historic houses, a music-industry veteran, a collector and an aesthete. In the beginning, Aynhoe Park was supposed to be just one of his restoration projects – a chance to return a classic Georgian country house to its full glory before moving on to the next challenge. He has never left.

What happened Aynhoe Park?

The family will leave Aynhoe Park as their family home to start their new adventure at Parnham Park. To honour the end of their chapter at Aynhoe Park the couple and Dreweatts celebrated the auction titled AYNHOE PARK – A celebration of A Modern Grand Tour, on Wednesday 20th January 2021.

Who founded fantazia?

Gideon Dawson
Fantazia was a rave music promoter based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1991 by James Perkins, Gideon Dawson & Chris Griffin, and held a number of seminal raves at the height of the breakbeat hardcore scene.

What’s happened to Aynhoe Park?

The family will leave Aynhoe Park as their family home to start their new adventure at Parnham Park.

What’s happening to Aynhoe Park?

The site itself has been in use since the 12th century, becoming home to the Cartwright family when John Cartwright built his house here in 1615. Just 30 years later, Aynhoe Park was all but destroyed in the Civil War, and required rebuilding, more or less from scratch.

Who is the new owner of Aynhoe Park?

The beautiful 17th century grade I listed country house, is privately owned by James Perkins and his wife Sophie. The two-day auction, offering the truly distinctive collection from Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire will take place on Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st January 2021.

What is happening to Aynhoe Park?

Who has bought Aynhoe Park house?

‘ James and Sophie Perkins have sold Aynhoe and along with their three children, are due to move to their next project – restoring Grade I-listed Parnham House in Dorset, which was nearly completely destroyed in a suspected arson attack by its former owner in 2017.

When was the first Fantazia rave?

The first Fantazia event was held at the UK’s first legal all-night club, The Eclipse in Coventry, on April 19th 1991.