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How did Diamondhead defeat Vilgax?

Chromastone fights Vilgax, and seems to have the upper hand, but as soon as Vilgax’s sword absorbs Chromastone’s energy, he uses it to shatter him, destroying him and shocking Gwen, Kevin, and Max. Diamondhead attacks and defeats Vilgax, forcing Vilgax to yield to Diamondhead.

Who defeated Vilgax?

Once Ben gained access to Way Big, he was able to defeat Vilgax with ease. After he became the “Conqueror of 10 Worlds”, battling and defeating the champions of each, he drained their powers and abilities and added them to his own arsenal. One of those warriors was Ultimos.

What species is Diamondhead from ben 10?


Species Petrosapien
Home World Petropia
Body Humanoid Crystal
Powers and Abilities

Can four arms beat vilgax?

Lastly in the Null Void, Four Arms defeated Vilgax’s Null Guardian. In Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, Four Arms failed to save Gwen from a Florauna tribe.

Is Diamondhead real?

Diamond Head (see more photos, view panorama) is one of the most famous landmarks on Oahu and the entire state of Hawaii. It has once been an active volcano, but hasn’t spewed any ashes for more than 150,000 years. The extinct crater and lookout point at the peak of it is a popular hiking destination for many.

How tall is xlr8?

XLR8 (John Groom)

John Groom (UK) Location Travelling Status Operating since April 2017
Product Speed
Capacity 8 (two gondolas each with two rows of two riders facing back-to-back)
Area 52.2 feet × 19.4 feet
Height 118.1 feet

Which is more agile Vilgax or Diamond Head?

Vilgax is way more agile, especially this older vilgax who has gone through countless planets defeating their strongest fighter.

What happens to Chromastone in vengeance of Vilgax?

Chromastone is destroyed by Vilgax in battle, but reforms into Diamondhead. However, Ben can no longer transform into Chromastone because of this. Vilgax loses the Conqueror’s challenge and is banished from Earth. It is revealed that Kevin is afraid of alligators and that Gwen is afraid of spiders.

Who are the voice actors in vengeance of Vilgax?

Voice Actor Role (s) Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson Greg Cipes Kevin Levin Dee Bradley Baker Jetray Upchuck Diamondhead Big Chill Swa