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How competitive is NHS graduate scheme?

How to get ahead in the NHS graduate management scheme. Competition for the 100 to 150 places on the four streams – general management, finance, HR and health informatics – is expected to be fierce and applications for the next cohort opened on 8 October.

How do I apply for NHS graduate scheme?

You need at least a 2:2 degree in any subject to the apply for the Graduate Management Training Scheme. Degree-equivalent qualifications are considered. You apply through the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme website where you’ll find lots more information and advice. Entry is competitive.

What band is NHS graduate scheme?

Capped salary protection for NHS in-service staff Protection is up to 85% of the top of Band 6, based on your average basic salary over 3 months prior to starting the Scheme.

Is there an age limit for graduate schemes?

There is no age limit for graduate schemes. Recruiters for graduate schemes will be more interested in your work history/number of years of experience. If you already have a lot of experience, some companies may advise you to apply for other graduate roles.

Do you get paid for NHS training?

Everyone who joins the NHS is guaranteed a salary that matches their ability and responsibilities, and given every opportunity to increase it through training and development.

How much does a graduate scheme pay?

According to the High Fliers report, “The Graduate Market in 2019”, the median starting salary for UK graduates in 2021 is expected to be £30,000 for the fifth consecutive year.

How many people apply NHS Gmts?

For the September 2019 intake 17,000 candidates inquired about a place, 9,000 applied and we have just offered 260 Trainee placements. Therefore, you have to be fully committed to joining the NHS and our Scheme, to persevere with our highly competitive and demanding process.

How many NHS grad schemes are there?

Can you do a graduate scheme with a masters?

If you are wondering: “can I do a graduate scheme at 30 after doing a master’s?” The answer is yes! Again, employers will be interested in not only your postgraduate studies but also your previous experience and the transferable skills you gained.

Is 30 hours full time in NHS?

Working hours The standard hours of all full-time NHS staff are 37.5 per week, excluding meal breaks (unless it’s a business lunch). Staff will normally not be expected to work over 48 hours a week, over 17 weeks.

When does the NHS graduate management scheme open?

You get these gems as you gain rep from other members for making good contributions and giving helpful advice. The NHS grad scheme for September 2021 is due to open mid October. Who is thinking of applying/re-applying?

How long does the HSC graduate training scheme last?

Each year we look for highly motivated graduates to join our Graduate Training Schemes. The duration of each is two years, during which time trainees have access to a superb range of development opportunities whilst working in a complex, challenging and very rewarding environment.

Where does the graduate management scheme rank in the UK?

Our Graduate Management Training Scheme is ranked amongst the Top 4 leadership development programmes in the UK. Focusing on trainees across the country and placing them within our different specialisms with the expectation they will become our future senior leaders. This is an opportunity to join the biggest employer in Europe.

What are the qualifications for a hscni job?

The package includes a competitive salary of approximately £22,500. For the above Schemes applicants must have or are expected to obtain the following qualifications by 1st September 2019:- A minimum 2:2 degree in any discipline or equivalent or higher; OR – A professional, degree level or higher qualification that is health or management related.