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How can I update my OBIEE 10g to 11g?

This week well address upgrade for OBIEE 11g….

  1. Browse to the RPD that we want to upgrade.
  2. Enter the credentials for this RPD.
  3. We need to create a password to secure the upgraded RPD.
  4. We need to browse to the folder that contains the 10g webcat.
  5. Now we specify an empty folder for deliveries.

What is OBIEE web catalog?

The presentation catalog (Web Catalog) stores the content that users create within OBIEE. The presentation catalog includes objects such as folders, shortcuts, filters, KPIs and dashboards. These objects are built using the presentation layer within the RPD.

What does RPD stand for in OBIEE?

RPD in OBIEE stands for Rapid File Database. It is a repository that helps in storing the metadata of the BI Server. The metadata allows you to define logical and physical schemas, aggregate table navigation, and physical-to-logical mappings.

Where is the RPD password in OBIEE 11g?

From the list, to get the password of “New_SampleAppLite_BI0002” repository, follow these steps:

  1. Open command prompt,
  2. E:\>cd \oracle_common\common\bin.
  3. Run wlst scrpt: \oracle_common\common\bin>wlst.cmd.
  4. Run listCred() command to get the password of New_SampleAppLite_BI0002 repository.

What is catalog manager in Obiee 11g?

It is a window based client using catalog manager we can deploy web catalog in two ways. They are. 1. Offline.

What is catalog manager in Obiee?

OBIEE – Catalog Manager The catalog manager is an GUI administration tool to manage the webcat object. The file catalogmanager.exe is located: on 10g: BI_ORACLE_HOME\web\catalogmanager.

How do you make an RPD in OBIEE?

Creating a New Repository

  1. Open the Administration Tool. View Image.
  2. Select File > New Repository. View Image.
  3. Select the Binary method and enter a name for the repository.
  4. Leave the default location as is.
  5. Leave Import Metadata set to Yes.
  6. Enter and retype a password for the repository.
  7. Click Next.

How do I open an RPD file in OBIEE?

OBIEE repository database is also known as a RPD because of its file extension. The RPD file is password protected and you can only open or create RPD files using Oracle BI Administration tool.

How can I open RPD file without password?

How To Change/Reset The Password Of OBIEE Repository(Rpd) / How To Open OBIEE Repository(Rpd) In Offline Mode Without Password

  1. Copy the RPD which you want to open to your local system.
  2. Make sure that the BI Server is not running.
  3. Navigate to the NQSConfig.ini file on your local system.
  4. Open the NQSConfig.

How do I find my RPD password?

First, you need to identify the current RPD. Log into Enterprise Manager for the BI Domain, expand out Business Intelligence and select ‘coreapplication’. In the main screen, select the ‘Deployment’ tab. Next, you need to get the name of the corresponding password key for the current RPD file.

How do I open Obiee catalog offline?

  1. From Catalog Manager’s File menu, select Open Catalog.
  2. Type — Select the mode (online or offline) in which to open the catalog.
  3. Path — If you are opening the catalog in offline mode, then enter the path to the catalog folder on the local file system.

What does a Catalogue manager do?

Dedicated ecommerce catalog managers can help you to set up, maintain and frequently update your product database, with the most up to date information. This can help reduce the conversion time for your products, by providing real time information regarding the products to the customers.

How can I migrate my obiee 10g RPD?

You must migrate your master OBIEE 10g RPD to OBIEE 11g by running the Upgrade Assistant (ua.bat) available under E:\\oracle\\fmw\\Oracle_BI1\\bin. If you are using Oracle Clinical Development Analytics, you must upgrade the Web Catalog as well as the RPD.

How to upgrade to obiee

To install OBIEE, see Install OBIEE for Visualizations. To install OBIEE 11g, see the following section. If you want to upgrade to OBIEE 11g for data visualizations, you must install OBIEE 11g and upgrade the RPD file.

Can you use both obiee 10g and 11g?

You can use both OBIEE 10g and OBIEE 11g if you want. For example, if you are using Oracle Clinical Development Analytics you may want to dedicate one OBIEE installation to OCDA on 10g and have another for Oracle LSH OBIEE visualizations.

Do you need Oracle Enterprise Manager for obiee 11g?

Manually deploy the new 11g version of the master RPD file on your OBIEE 11g BI Server using the Oracle Enterprise Manager. This step is now required every time a Definer installs a Business Area.