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How accurate are Tanita body composition analyzers?

How accurate is a Tanita Body Composition Monitor? The results obtained through Tanita BIA have been shown to be within +/-5% of Underwater Weighing and DEXA (the “gold” standards of body composition analysis.)

Is Tanita BMR accurate?

A Tanita smart scale scans your entire body. This provides you with a wealth of measurements, among which your Basal Metabolic Rate and Metabolic Age. These measurements are much more accurate than those provided by calculators and are trusted by doctors and experts worldwide.

How do you use an Ironman scale?

Simply supply your gender, age, height and weight in the memory, step on the scale, and the monitor does the rest. The results are analyzed according to each user’s information, and the result — displayed in the monitor’s 2.25-inch LCD screen — is the one of the most comprehensive at-home readings you can get.

How do you program a Tanita scale?

PROGRAMMING THE GUEST MODE Press the Weight-only button. After 2 or 3 seconds, “0.0” will appear on the display and the unit will beep. When “0.0” appears on the display, step onto the scale. The body weight value will appear.

Is 75 muscle mass good?

According to Withings, normal ranges for muscle mass are: Ages 20-39: 75-89 percent for men, 63-75.5 percent for women. ages 60-79: 70-84 percent for men, 60-72.5 percent for women.

What is a Tanita scale?

Tanita’s new kids scales give parents the ability to track not only weight but also body fat percentage. Tanita scales feature multiple person memory with recall, sleek glass platforms with transparent electrodes, and a low profile. They are ISO 9001 certified and measure in both pounds and kilograms.

How do you use Tanita?

Press the Guest button to activate the unit. Then follow the steps: Set Age, Select Female or Male, and Specify Height. Step onto the scale after “0.0” is shown on the display. Your weight will be shown first, continue standing on the scale until the body fat % reading is shown on the display.

How does the Tanita body composition monitor work?

Tanita’s exclusive technology allows this monitor to not only measures weight and body fat, it also provides muscle mass, body water %, basal metabolic rate (BMR), metabolic age, bone mass, visceral fat and rates body physique!

Which is the best ironman body composition monitor?

Bring out your inner athlete with the BC-554 IRONMAN® Body Composition Monitor from Tanita. The BC-554 features an innovative design while giving you access to all the best information through FDA cleared Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology .

What is the weight of an Ironman platform?

The platform has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, and operates for greater than 2 years on four AA batteries (included). IRONMAN® and the “M-DOT” logo are registered trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation. Official Product of the IRONMAN TRIATHALON.

Who is the owner of the Ironman logo?

IRONMAN® and the “M-DOT” logo are registered trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation. Official Product of the IRONMAN TRIATHALON. Used here by permission.