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Here’s How Speech Recognition Software Can Help You To Draft Your Poetry

There has been tremendous development in speech recognition software and its applications. Apart from the tech industry, this software helps writers, poets, and other creative individuals draft their perfect story.

Scientists have been building technology that can chatter and listen just like humans for years now. Speech recognition has been here for a long time, but recent developments have completely transformed how we interact with our machines.

There are numerous ways in which writers and poets can leverage speech recognition software. For instance, it lets you focus on words, not on the writing. It is critically important that you understand the functionality of this technology to make the best of it.

This detailed article lists everything you need to know to leverage speech recognition software to boost creativity and productivity. Before we get into the benefits of speech recognition, let us take a look at what it means and how it works.

What Is Speech Recognition Software?

Speech recognition software is a specially designed computer program that transcribes human speech into text. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant subfields of computer science and language that develops technologies to recognize and translate spoken words into readable text.

Here’s How Speech Recognition Software Can Help You To Draft Your Poetry

How Speech Recognition Software Work?

There has been a lot of development in this space in the past few years. This technology works by breaking down the speech into particular sounds to analyze them using the algorithm and fits with the most suitable word fit in that language.

How Does Speech Recognition Software Help in Poetry?

Given below are some of the top reasons why you must consider using speech recognition software while crafting your next big story.

Gather Your Thoughts Effectively

The best thing that speech recognition software offer is its ability to gather your thoughts effectively. Our thought process works differently when we are writing and when we are speaking.

If you are a poet, this speech recognition software will help you pick the best words that fit and rhyme in your poem or story. Switching to speech recognition software will eliminate the friction that you would not notice was there.

Capture the Natural Quality of Your Speech

The speech recognition technology helps you capture the natural quality of your speech that ultimately improve your storytelling. Everyone can relate to the fact that verbal communication is more effective as compared to written communication.

This technology will bring out the real story and transcribes it into written text. Many renowned artists have claimed that this technology helps them write a better and compelling story.

Write With Your Whole Body

It feels really good to write when you are on the go with the help of this speech recognition technology. While purchasing your first speech recognition software, make sure it has a wireless mic option as it will allow you to work on your story while walking or doing other things.

When you are not tied to your desk and can write while moving freely, it lets you explore your creativity to the fullest.

Focus More on the Words

Speech recognition software allows you to craft a compelling poem or story as it helps you in focusing more on words than the writing itself. It makes the process of choosing the right word at the right place simple.

When it comes to poetry, you can rely on this technology to craft the best poem that you can recite with full confidence while creating an impact on the audience.

Boost Your Motivation to Write

Speech recognition software eliminates the stress of sitting on the desk. You can walk around and write almost at the speed of your thoughts. It makes writing a pleasure than a burden. It eventually motivates you to write more.

If you get used to speech recognition, you will look forward to writing every day. There are many writers and poets who claimed that this technology had improved their productivity and efficiency as a writer.

Top Mistakes to Avoid While Using Speech Recognition Software

Though speech recognition technology is getting advanced every day, you must know how to use them in order to make the best of them. Below are some of the top pitfall that you should watch out for while writing your next story with speech recognition software.

Here’s How Speech Recognition Software Can Help You To Draft Your Poetry

Proofreading and Editing

One of the top mistakes that poets or writers can make while using speech recognition software is not editing. You can rely on the tech, but only to a point where you feel your creativity is not compromised.

Always proofread your story after writing to give it the final touch. You may have written the best story of your life, but it will not reach the audience it deserves without proper editing.

Non-Freudian Freudian Slips

Some software makes word mistakes of inserting the wrong word completely. You need to keep an eye on this type of errors. To make the best of this technology, you will need to learn a new type of proofreading to avoid such mistakes.

How to Choose the Best Speech Recognition Software?

With so many options available in the market, choosing the right software that fits all your requirements may feel overwhelming.

It is critically important that you understand what you actually need for your project and shop accordingly. Follow the below-mentioned checklist while buying your first speech recognition software.

Compatibility With Devices

Before you decide to purchase your speech recognition software, check if the software is compatible with your devices such as iPad, laptop, or mobile phone. You can also look for iphone layout for android to convert the user interface.

Quality of Software

One of the most important things to look for while purchasing your first speech recognition software is the quality of transcribed words. Check for background voice cancellation and other features that can help you craft your best story.

Some of the most popular speech recognition software are mentioned below:

  • Google Mobile Apps
  • Bing
  • Siri Assistant
  • Dragon Downloadable Apps
  • Jibbigo Voice Translation

The above-mentioned software has gained immense popularity among creators as it has completely transformed the creative writing industry.


These are some of the most prominent ways in which speech recognition can help you draft your best story.

Speech recognition is a beautiful collaboration between technology and creativity. With this technology getting a lot of attention now, it has emerged as a storyteller’s best friend when it comes to creating exceptional stories.

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Here’s How Speech Recognition Software Can Help You To Draft Your Poetry