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Here are 7 things you need to know before getting a cat

Cats are adorable. There are thousands, if not millions of videos online of cats doing cute and/or funny things. However, they are more than just natural entertainers. Cats are homey, quite flamboyant, loveable and very unique animals that can develop a special connection with a person. Even though they can cause a headache, people who get a cat, usually love the experience and wouldn’t change a thing. So, if you’re wondering and thinking about getting a cat, here are 7 things you absolutely need to know before you settle and make a decision.

Cats can be very hard to please but you can’t stop trying

If you have lived with a dog or if you have been in contact with a few different breeds (but especially someone like a Labrador or a German Shepheard), most of them are easily excitable and not too hard to please. Most cats are a complete opposite. They are much shyer yet ignorant of others at the same time (if it’s possible to say it that way). However, the biggest challenger arise when you try to please their taste buds or want to travel. Some cats will just drive people to borderline insanity until that 20th different meal will finally be eaten with a delicious smirk glancing their face afterwards. It’s also difficult to force them to behave, so something like potty training can have its ups and downs for a long while. You must know that a cat needs patient people but in return, she or he will help you become more patient too.

They scratch

This is known by everyone. Probably. Cats are the scratchy ones from the animal world. If they feel threatened or attacked, or too annoyed, they can scratch even people that they hold dear, out of the blue. This won’t necessarily mean that the cat hates or fears you, it could just mean that there was some miscommunication which led to an unfortunate end.

Most people do have one or two very unpleasant run-ins with their cats that end up in scratches. What you can do to minimise risk of injuries to yourself and your belongings (because cats also scratch other stuff – it’s an instinct) is to smooth and grind their nails out. Using a nail grinder for cats seems like the best choice in this scenario. To find the best cat nail grinders in the market, visit this site.

They need toys and occupation

Even though cats are viewed as more autonomous and less playful animals, when compared to dogs, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, cats can spend quite a lot of time entertaining themselves and you at the same time. First of all, they love playing with anything that’s hanging and can move about. That’s the main reason why most cat towers and cat tunnels have balls hanging at the end.

The feline knocks it around for pure joy. Furthermore, you have things like scratchy posts and the aforementioned cat towers which are sort of the perfect blend of active interaction with the environment that the cat needs. If push comes to shove, they can spend time outside, but cats are 99% indoor animals. They will adapt quickly nonetheless, but toys and occupation during free time is super important.

If you haven’t got a tower just yet, you can always point a laser dot to the wall. Trust us, the cat won’t stop trying to catch it.

It’s easy to overfeed them

Cats are very homey and not too physically active. They enjoy relaxing and not worrying too much. This is a huge part why cats that are really loved tend to become like real-life versions of Garfield. That doesn’t make them any less adorable (frequently, the result is quite opposite) but gaining too much weight isn’t beneficial to your pet. This puts a lot more pressure on their heart, muscles, joints and almost every single organ. Don’t let the cat gain too much weight as it can cripple their health later down the road.

Make sure to implement regular, sufficient and wholesome feeding.

You need to be ready for anything

If you think any of your belongings or that your private space is safe when you have a cat – think again. In reality, you need to put a lot more fragile or precious belongings behind closed cover doors or in a drawer, for example. Why? Because cats are very reckless. Just like dogs, who chew and gnaw at random things, cats have a different but similarly destructive tendency. They are completely unbothered by knocking things over and knocking them down. Many vases, photo frames, dishes and important things have been broken by felines. Make sure you protect what’s important to you.

Hair goes everywhere

You need to be wary of this and adjust your cleaning routine, accordingly. Pet hair remover becomes a must-buy while personal grooming begins to demand a lot more attention as well. Because of a cat in your home, you will have to do some rolling on your jackets, pants and pretty much any other clothing to remove cat hair. This will add up to 5-10 minutes every time you decide to walk out. Keep in mind that hair sticks to certain material better than onto others.

One more thing worth noting is that you will have to vacuum more often.

You can be allergic

This is our final thing we’d like to note. Before going on and adopting or purchasing a cat, make sure to get a test for allergies. There are approximately a billion people worldwide who are allergic to cats. And we’re not speaking about mild or barely noticeable allergic reactions only. Some people will cough, sneeze and have watery eyes non-stop when being in contact with a cat for too long. This is why you need a test.

Concluding thoughts

Even though we listed some things which could hardly be labelled as positive, these responsibilities/notes shouldn’t discourage you from getting a cat. They will become a member of the family quickly and responsibilities soon become a routine while worries are simultaneously replaced by love and joy. However, you should prepare for the arrival of a new pet properly. Because your life can change so quickly when they arrive, being one step ahead, physically and mentally is smart and insightful.