If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book

In the process, the point of view you have to process many points. Above all, it comes to handling. Here you can build the backbone of the work. You should write relevance of the work significantly, its objectives, goals, research methods, etc. refers to these items, and scientific innovation. This is similar to the emergency, but only concerns the scientific aspect. Every year thousands of protected certificates. Of course, the idea of writing something new. Put simply, this is the culmination of your work. If you even know what it is not, try to explain.


What is the scientific innovation?

Diploma is the result of the training. We need to invest in anything that we have learned all the knowledge and skills that are acquired. Here you need to use your imagination and interest in the topic. It helps creative thinking. You should understand very well that the trite and trivial issues bothered commission problems; so that when you come up with a good news, there will be a 50% success rate.

The novelty is released in all special diplomas as technical branches of science and the humanities.

This can be a special method of research providing new findings, new insights they have gained in the course of the study, an unusual approach to the disclosure of the subject and therefore should not only come up with one aspect of your work, but also to prove. It should be logical arguments for their scientific novelty.

In what may be a novelty?

More specifically, it is possible to distinguish the novelty of the following points:

  • Subject. Take a new subject of study they have done so far in front of you. It can be any innovation.
  • Purpose. If you want to get some new results that, you reached anyone.
  • Process. If in this range, this method is not used.
  • Material. No one has this source or the theory in research; no one has spoken of publications, etc.
  • Result. He took the idea and made sure that so far no one had succeeded.

How can I prove it?

You must knew that the new show.

This can be done as follows:

  • You assume the proven facts from reputable sources that show that this has not so far in the field of science.
  • The analysis of the literature and choose to support its new facts.
  • Bring proof that the preceding information (methods, etc.) has not been used and has not been studied.
  • In the practical part of the test that the new results are obtained.
  • Show that these results are important.

An example of a new formulation

It is the nature of the relationship of achievement motivation and success of the work on the example of specific work activities to study issues – Director of the modern organization of commercial trade.

Errors in the first:

  • Description Formulated blurry
  • No significant differences
  • Do not relate to the object of study
  • Are virtually

The scientific news, perhaps the most difficult thing to come up with the introduction to the thesis. Example scientific novelty of the work could help formulate it, but each must be unique.