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Does Optus still do $2 a day?

You get 500mb of data within Australia for $2 a day. If you use more than 500MB, we’ll automatically deduct another $2 and bump you up to a max of 1GB of data for the day.

What does Optus my time mean?

If you’re on a Mobile plan that features ‘My Time’ you can make free calls to nominated Mobile or Fixed numbers, any time, day or night. The amount and type of numbers that can be added to your ‘My Time’ list are dependent upon your plan.

Does Optus have $10 plan?

Optus Prepaid Epic Value plans offer all the basics that you need, with data inclusion and unlimited standard national talk & text. The $10 Optus Prepaid Epic Value includes 500MB data with 21 days expiry.

What is Optus MyCredit?

MyCredit can be used for standard national and international voice calls and SMS, mobile internet browsing, international roaming, Voicemail, premium calls, SMS and content, video calls, 966 and satellite calls, re-routed calls and directory calls.

Is 5G available on Optus prepaid?

As it stands, no providers other than Telstra and Vodafone have any prepaid 5G offering. At the end of last year, Optus began opening up its 5G network to Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNOs – smaller providers that don’t own their own network.

What are my time minutes Optus prepaid?

MyTime Minutes can be used for voice calls to 5 nominated Optus Mobiles or fixed lines within Australia. It excludes other call types. >

What can Optus money be used for?

In addition, MyCredit can also be used for international roaming, premium calls, SMS and content, Optus Zoo content charges, video calling, 966, directory calls, re-routed calls and satellite calls • Optus Money can be used for standard national calls, SMS and MMS to Optus mobiles within Australia • Data is for mobile …

How much data do you get with $10 Optus?

$10 Optus Prepaid Epic Data SIM includes: 5GB standard data. Up to 100 mins calls to standard national numbers, 13/1300 numbers and Voicemail (charged per minute) Unlimited standard national SMS and MMS.

How do I borrow credit from Optus?

Get IOU credit for Prepaid Mobile. To get some emergency credit before your next recharge, text IOU to 468. We’ll put some credit on your phone and subtract the credit from your balance the next time you recharge.

What is my credit Optus prepaid?

You can view your Prepaid balance, how much credit you have left for calls, texts and data usage, as well as the recharge expiry date via My Optus app: Open up the My Optus app. Tap the Service tab. Your Prepaid Mobile Phone balance, credit usage and expiry date will be displayed.

How much is a 365 day plan from Optus?

Both of them have 365day plans for $10 and $15. The money you have put onto the plan, is more of a psychological trap than credit that has any use. 12-08-2017 12:01 PM

What are the prepaid add ons for Optus?

Optus Prepaid Add Ons Archived plans are: Catch Connect Coles Prepaid Prepaid Ultimate Plus My Prepaid Long Expiry My Prepaid Ultimate Prepaid Daily Maximiser My Prepaid Daily My Prepaid Ultra Plus

How much does it cost to change my Optus Plan?

Pay as little as $1 a day for 1GB, and change your subscription anytime using the My Optus app. Plans range from 1GB for $1 with a 1 day expiry up to 30GB for $30 with a 30 day expiry period. Long Expiry. If you make calls rarely and barely use data, this is the plan for you.

What can I roll over from my Optus EPIC plan?

Recharging an Epic plan within the expiry period also allows you to roll over any unused data from 50GB up to a maximum of 200GB. The Optus Prepaid Long Expiry Plan has a similar rollover feature, but rather than data, you can rollover unused credit up to $500 if you recharge within your expiry period.