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Does McGill have photography?

The McGill University Photography Students Society (MUPSS), founded in 1978, is one of McGill’s oldest clubs.

What courses does McGill offer?

McGill University offers over 400 Postgraduate programs, including master’s degrees, PhDs, MBAs and graduate certificate programs, across 10 faculties:

  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.
  • Arts.
  • Dentistry.
  • Education.
  • Engineering.
  • Law.
  • Managment.
  • Medicine.

What electives can I take McGill?

Electives. BA students can take any courses offered in the Faculties of Arts or Science as elective courses, permitted they have completed the appropriate course prerequisites. BA students are permitted to take a maximum of 12 credits of courses in Faculties outside of Arts or Science throughout their degree.

How do I contact McGill service points?


  1. Service Point.
  2. Chat with a Service Point agent.
  3. 514-398-7878.
  4. Service Point.
  5. Chat with a Service Point agent.
  6. 514-398-7878.
  7. [email protected]
  8. 514-398-6200.

What does freelance photographer mean?

Being a freelance photographer means that you work for yourself, taking on clients for photoshoots or creating and selling your fine art photography. As a freelance photographer, you get to choose what types of work you take on and turn down work that doesn’t align with your style or interests.

What size are McGill diplomas?

17″ wide by 11″ high
McGill degree diplomas are 17″ wide by 11″ high (horizontal format). Certificates are 11″ wide by 18″ high (vertical format). The University Bookstore, Le James, sells frames for diplomas and photographs. You can contact them at 514-398-7444 or visit their website.

How do you choose elective courses McGill?

Tips for Selecting Elective Courses Electives must be either Education or Concentration related. Students must send the course number, title and description to [email protected] for departmental approval (NB- TESL and Science and Technology students do not have elective credits to complete.

How much is tuition at McGill?

In-state tuition 2,391 CAD, Out-of-state tuition 7,402 CAD, International tuition 29,200 CAD (2017 – 18)
McGill University/Undergraduate tuition and fees

Where is the McGill University?

Based in Montreal, McGill University ranks among Canada’s most prestigious universities, attracting thousands of international students from over 150 countries every year, and the highest percentage of PhD students of any Canadian research university.