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Does Lake Palestine have a dam?

Lake Palestine is formed by an earthfill dam approximately 5,720 feet long and 75 feet high above streambed with the top of dam at the elevation of 364 feet above mean sea level. Maximum design water surface may reach to 355.3 feet above mean sea level.

Where is the dam at Lake Palestine?

The dam and spillway is located in the far Northwest corner of Cherokee Co. at the Old Blackburn Crossing of the Neches river. The lake covers portions of Anderson, Cherokee, Smith and Henderson Counties with a surface area of 105 miles and a maximum length of 18 miles.

Are there alligators in Lake Palestine TX?

Courtesy Alligator caught and killed in Upper Lake, Palestine. It’s safe to go back into Upper Lake now that its reptilian visitor is gone. A 10 1/2 foot alligator that was loose in the lake for more than two weeks was officially caught and killed, the city of Palestine announced Monday.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Palestine?

CDC officials told the Herald-Press they know of no instances of Vibrio bacteria in Lake Palestine. “People going to the lake need to be cautious,” Caitlin Rogers said. “Keep an eye on your children, and don’t swim if you have cuts or sores.”

Can you swim in Lake Palestine TX?

There is no public swimming on Lake Palestine.

Where is the location of Lake Palestine Texas?

Lake Palestine Location. Lake Palestine is located about 15 miles southwest of Tyler, Texas, on Highway 155, the result of a dam on the Neches River owned and operated by the Angelina and Neches River Authority. Portions of Anderson, Cherokee, Henderson, and Smith Counties are included in the lake.

How big is the dam on Lake Palestine?

Today, Lake Palestine is formed by the earthfilled Blackburn Crossing Dam, and is used for water conservation, recreation, and wildlife preservation. The dam is 75 feet high, and has a length of 5,720 feet.

Where to catch bass in Lake Palestine Texas?

Largemouth bass anglers report greatest success in the upper end of the lake (above the pipeline), in Cobb and Stone Chimney creeks, and Saline Bay. Catfish anglers frequently drift fish with worms or chicken livers between Hawn point (at the mouth of Flat Creek) to the Highway 155 bridges, and will catch more legal sized fish…

How big is Lake Palestine in Henderson County?

The channel of the Neches River through Lake Palestine marks the boundary between Henderson County and Smith County. Lake Palestine has a surface area of 25,560 acres (40 square miles) and a maximum depth of 50 feet, and an average depth of 16 feet.