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Does HCG drops work as good as injections?

The injections are more concentrated than the drops and stay steady in your bloodstream all day which allows for better absorption. If you are a routine person, injections can be better because the diet is a bit more restrictive so you could eat the same thing everyday if you wanted.

Why do HCG drops go under the tongue?

HCG comes in a powdery substance that you dissolve in water. You then use a syringe to directly add to your veins once a day. The other method involves you putting a few drops under your tongue three times a day. This is because the veins under your tongue will help the HCG get absorbed straight into your bloodstream.

Can you use real hCG drops for weight loss?

Using real HCG drops helps people lose this weight, and that’s an imperative part of the protocol. However, both men and women can use this method and achieve success. When you first encounter oral HCG in the market, you may only find homeopathic or “hormone-free” products being sold.

What are the preservatives in hCG drops plus?

Vitamin B-12, B-complex, high levels of HCG, along with a few other preservatives are all that’s in HCG Plus. B-12 improves HCG uptake and increases metabolism naturally. Not Only Do We Offer Real, Pure HCG but the Lowest Prices Anywhere!

How often should you take real hCG drops?

Clinical Real HCG Dosage Doctors recommend 150-200 IUs/day of real HCG while on the diet. HCG Plus provides this or more… completely pain-free! All you have to do is take our one of a kind hcg drops every day.

What’s the difference between homeopathic HCG and placebos?

There is no appreciable difference between homeopathic HCG diet drops and placebos. After a person stops the diet down the road, the weight will also come back extremely rapidly that they did lose. Only the real hormone can prevent these consequences from occurring.