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Does CPT code 20552 require a modifier?

Key point to remember! – these 2 CPT Codes 20552, 20553 DO NOT NEED A MODIFIER!

What is CPT code 20552 used for?

3. For trigger point injections, use code 20552 for one or two muscle groups injected, or 20553 for three or more muscle groups. The number of services for either code is one (1), regardless of the number of injections at any individual site, and regardless of the number of sites.

Does 20610 and 20552 need a modifier?

Answer: You are correct, trigger point injection (20552 or 20553) and a joint injection, for example, a shoulder joint injection, (20610) are bundled by Medicare. You will note, however, that a modifier is allowed to override this edit.

How do you bill a 20552?

Effective March 1, 2017, Any combination of trigger point injections, CPT codes 20552 (Injection(s); single or multiple trigger point(s), 1 or 2 muscle(s)) and 20553 (Injection(s); single or multiple trigger point(s), 3 or more muscles), when billed >3 times in a 90-day period, for the same anatomic site, without …

Can CPT code 20552 be billed bilaterally?

Take-away! Remember that these codes CPT 20552, 20553 are NOT billable as unilateral. Modifier 50 (bilateral) will NOT apply. Bill by the number of muscles!

When should modifier 53 be used?

CPT modifier 53 is valid only when a physician or other qualified health care professional elects to terminate a surgical or diagnostic procedure due to extenuating circumstances that threaten the well-being of the patient. CPT modifier 53 should be appended to only one code per operative session.

Does Medicare pay for modifier 53?

Modifiers -52 and -53 are no longer accepted as modifiers for certain diagnostic and surgical procedures under the hospital outpatient prospective payment system. Modifiers -73 and -74 are used to indicate discontinued surgical and certain diagnostic procedures only.

How long do pelvic trigger point injections last?

If only anesthetics are injected, then the injections can be taken at intervals of one month. Steroid medications cannot be injected as frequently as the anesthetics due to their complications. However, the effect of a steroid in trigger point injections can last from several weeks to several months.

Can CPT 20552 be billed bilaterally?

Can 20552 be billed bilaterally?

20552 and 20553 are used to report single or multiple injections on 1-3 or more muscles. Bilateral surgical indicator 50 may apply as well, so be sure to code accordingly.

Does Medicare cover trigger finger injection?

Medicare does not cover Prolotherapy. Its billing under the trigger point injection code is a misrepresentation of the actual service rendered. When a given site is injected, it will be considered one injection service, regardless of the number of injections administered.

What does 20553 mean?

What does 20553 mean? 20553 20553 is the US ZIP code of Washington – Washington, D.C.

What is the code for trigger point injection?

CPT CODE 20552, 20553 – Trigger point injection. Trigger Point Injections are used to treat painful areas of muscle that contain trigger points, or knots of muscle that form when muscles do not relax.

What is the CPT code for trigger point?

There are two CPT ® codes for Trigger point injections: 20552-Injection(s); single or multiple trigger point(s), 1 or 2 muscle(s) 20553-Injection(s); single or multiple trigger point(s), 3 or more muscles.

What is CPT code 20552?

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 20552 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – General Introduction or Removal Procedures on the Musculoskeletal System.