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Do you have to pay for Worldpackers?

You do not have to pay to create an account, view all volunteer positions, some of our Academy content, and articles written by travelers of our community. …

Is Worldpackers legitimate?

Yes, Worldpackers is safe. This platform was created in Brazil, the country where I live, and I’ve already visited their headquarters in São Paulo.

Do you need a visa for Worldpackers?

Find out if you need a visa First and foremost, be sure to check whether or not you will need a visa for the country you are traveling to. Worldpackers is not responsible for arranging visas for you so make sure this is done in advance as they can take a while to arrive.

How old do you have to be for Worldpackers?

at least 18 years old
2.1 You must be at least 18 years old and be able to enter into binding agreements to access and use the Worldpackers Platform or register a Worldpackers Account.

How do you become a Worldpacker?

Become a member to travel the world with Worldpackers Get in touch with any host and confirm as many trips as you want. Count on the WP insurance and our support team before, during, and after your trips. Contribute to the community and earn money with WP Programs.

Which is better Worldpackers or Workaway?

Workaway and Worldpackers are in my opinion the two best work exchange sites out there, but with the excellent value of the Worldpackers membership (especially with the $10 USD discount), their level of support and optional extras in their community like the Academy gives Worldpackers the edge over Workaway.

Whats better Workaway or Worldpackers?

Worldpackers is strongest in the Americas, Asia & Europe while Workaway has over half of its opportunities listed in Europe, though they also have opportunities in other parts of the world.

What is world Packers?

Worldpackers is an online site and community that lets travelers around the world search for suitable volunteer opportunities where they can offer their skills and help out in a local community in exchange for a place to stay, free of charge.

Is HelpX paid?

To be sure, there are plenty of farming opportunities on HelpX. Cost: $12 (10€) a year, but you can only get a two-year, $22 (20€) subscription. It’s actually a good thing. Their price for two years is the same or less than most other platforms for one year!

Is HelpX legit?

HelpX does not care, because if they did, they would not get the membership fees from the hosts anymore. My impression is that they are very unprofessional and that website is run by a crook, who just wants to collect membership fees. STAY AWAY and DO NOT ENTRUST YOUR NAME OR MONEY TO THIS SCAM WEBSITE.

How much does Workaway cost?

To register as a Workawayer you are required to pay a small administrative fee of US$42 a year for a single account and US$54 for a couple account, which a part of it gets donated to the Workaway Foundation and that is the only amount that should ever leave your bank to be involved in volunteering.

How can I get discount on worldpackers membership?

If you already know who Worldpackers are and are already convinced by them, let’s just cut to the chase then and hook you up. USE OUR WORLDPACKERS DISCOUNT CODE to get $10 off your annual membership fees. This means that instead of paying $49 per year, you only need to pay $39.

What do you need to know about worldpackers?

Worldpackers is an online company that connects travelers with foreign volunteer hosts who then work in exchange for housing. This sort of traveling, commonly known as “ voluntourism ,” has become increasingly popular in recent years and is a part of a greater “ responsible tourism ” trend.

Is it possible to travel the world for free?

And what you give in exchange for the ability to travel the world for free, is often an experience you would be paying a hefty price for! So really, it’s wins all around! You’re saving sooo much money when you travel the world with Worldpackers. There are heaps of different options available when it comes to volunteer programs.

What is the Code of Conduct for worldpackers?

Worldpackers also adheres to a pretty exemplary code of conduct. According to their mission statement, Worldpackers is “ a community based on collaboration and honest relationships that make travel more accessible to those seeking a profound cultural experience.