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Do gas stations sell E10?

E10 is widely available at service stations all around NSW. You can use FuelCheck to find the best deal on E10 in your local area.

What is the equivalent of E10 gas?

E10 gasoline (87 octane) is a regular gasoline formulated at an octane rating of 87. It’s a preferred variety of gasoline for many automobiles.

Is E10 gas the same as regular unleaded?

E10 fuel has largely replaced the old basic fuel we knew as ‘Unleaded’ and which carried an octane rating of 91RON. The key difference between E10 and unleaded is E10 is made up of 90 per cent unleaded with a blend of 10 percent ethanol content.

Can my car use E10 ethanol fuel?

All new cars manufactured since 2011 are compatible with E10 petrol, and most cars and motorcycles manufactured since the late 1990s are also approved by manufacturers to use E10. The following vehicles, however, may not be compatible with E10 petrol: classic, cherished and older vehicles.

Is E10 the same as 95?

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries says some E10 unleaded petrol blends are marketed as 94 RON. That means they do not meet the fuel standards for cars recommended to use 95 or 98 premium fuels. There are some checks online, such as the E10 compatibility check run by the New South Wales government.

Can I use E10 in my lawn mower?

Can you use E10 petrol in a lawn mower? Your lawn mower will run on E10 petrol, but it’s not the best type of fuel to use. Ideally, you want to use fuel with as little ethanol as possible, because ethanol attracts water, causing corrosion and possible engine damage over time.

What is E10 gas for lawn mower?

Ethanol fuel, a gas additive, is everywhere! Nowadays, the gas you pump from almost every gas station contains a blend of gasoline and ethanol. The percentage of ethanol blend is indicated by the E number. For example E10 means the gas mixture contains 90% gas and 10% ethanol.

How do you make E10 gas?

Manufacturing the ethanol in E10 blended fuels has a lot of science behind it. Harvested sugar cane and sorghum are ground into a biomass mash. This mash is then mixed with water and an enzyme, then the mixture is fermented until ethanol (a type of alcohol) is produced.

Is E10 91 or 95?

E10 fuel is a blend of up to 10% ethanol with 90% unleaded petrol. E10 petrol is actually a slighter higher octane (94) than regular 91 in a lot of cases, and that can mean your engine performs better.

What happens if you put E10 in an old car?

However, the Government warns: “Prolonged use of E10 petrol in a non-compatible vehicle, however, may cause harm and is not recommended.” Some experts have suggested filling up classic cars with E10 and then leaving it sitting in the tank for a long time can lead to damage to seals, plastics and metals.

Will my lawn mower run on E10 petrol?

E10 is slightly cheaper than regular unleaded and your mower may well run on it without any immediate problems, but you still need to be on guard.

What is E10 gas at the pump?

E10 fuel is an ethanol-gasoline blend consisting of no more than 10% ethanol. Most modern vehicles don’t need any modifications to run E10. Though ethanol has less fuel economy than gasoline, at 10% ethanol the effect is only around -3% fuel economy. Many gas stations are already selling E10.