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Did Miguel Cabrera win the Triple Crown?

It was much more common in the first half of the 20th century, but it has been far more rare in recent years: When the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera won the AL Triple Crown in 2012, he ended a 45-year dry spell. MLB has had 10 players win a total of 12 Triple Crowns since RBIs became an official statistic in 1920.

Will Miguel Cabrera get 3000 hits?

Miguel Cabrera almost certainly won’t get the 21 hits he needs to reach the milestone over Detroit’s nine remaining games this season, but he should get there sometime in early 2022….The 3,000 Hit Club Is Closed for Maintenance.

Player Miguel Cabrera
Current Hits* 2,979
2,000 Hit% 100%
2,500 Hit% 100%
3,000 Hit% 99%

How many players have 500 home runs and 3000 hits?

six players
Only six players have 3,000 hits and 500 homers: Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Rafael Palmeiro, Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and Eddie Murray. His pursuit of these big numbers has become a bright spot for a Detroit team that finally seems to be emerging from a difficult rebuild, approaching a . 500 record.

How many career doubles does Miguel Cabrera have?

592 doubles
Over 19 seasons, Cabrera has 2,958 hits, 1,500 runs scored, 592 doubles, 501 home runs and 1,786 RBIs in 2,558 games, along with a . 311 batting average. During his 2012 and 2013 American League MVP campaigns, Cabrera hit . 338 with 88 home runs — 44 long balls each year — and 276 RBIs across 309 games.

Who hit the most triples in MLB history?

Sam Crawford+
Career Leaders & Records for Triples

Rank Player (yrs, age) Triples
1. Sam Crawford+ (19) 309
2. Ty Cobb+ (24) 295
3. Honus Wagner+ (21) 252
4. Jake Beckley+ (20) 244

How many hits does Miguel Cabrera have in 2021?

Producing also puts him in a good place mentally, and since the All-Star break, Cabrera has been one of the steadiest hitters on the team. He’s hit 10 doubles, eight home runs and knocked in 43 runs. His 75 RBIs are second most on the team and his 120 hits are fourth most.

Who is the youngest player to hit 100 home runs?

Mike Trout Becomes Youngest in MLB History to Hit 100 Home Runs, Steal 100 Bases.

Who won 2021 Belmont Stakes?

Essential Quality
2021 Belmont Stakes/Winners
Essential Quality has won the 2021 Belmont Stakes, finishing off this year’s Triple Crown races. Essential Quality came into the race as the favorite at 9-5 odds while Rombauer, the Preakness Stakes winner, was given 6-1 odds just prior to post time.