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Did liquid Force go out of business?

Liquid Force Kiteboarding will close down effectively on July 25, 2020. According to the parent company, the brand will channel its resources in wakeboarding.

Why did Liquid Force go out of business?

Despite this breakthrough, Liquid Force suffered some hard times financially and briefly went out of business, choked by venture capitalists who placed no credence in the kiteboarding industry.

Who owns Liquid Force Wakeboards?

Motion Water Sports, Inc.
Liquid Force/Parent organizations

Who founded Liquid Force?

Tony Finn
Liquid Force was founded in 1995 by Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon, both pioneers in the sport of wakeboarding. Its headquarters are located in Encinitas, California.

Is Best kiteboarding going out of business?

After becoming the biggest manufacturer in the world for a while management and accountants starting taking over more of the product, Best parted ways with it’s namesake co-founder Shannon Best and eventually came to it’s demise in 2017.

What happened to Liquid Force kites?

The Kiteboarder is sad to announce that Liquid Force Kiteboarding division will be closing down effective July 25, 2020. The Liquid Force kite division was one of the first brands to support The Kiteboarder Magazine from its inception back in 2004. …

Is Liquid Force a good brand?

Thanks to their love for water sports, you can guarantee that Liquid Force excels in product design and quality. Plus, their jaw-dropping range of products is more than enough for beginners, intermediates, and professional wakeboarders. Furthermore, art is at Liquid Force’s culture.

When was the first official twintip Wakeboard produced?

Back in 1997 Wake Tech released the first twin tip wakeboard on the market, the Flight 69. Prior to this innovation, all boards were directional and looked more like small surfboards.

Are Eleveight kites good?

The range feels excellent and the RS is balanced in how it feels at both its bottom and top end. And that’s what we really enjoy in performance-ready freeride kites. The jumping performance is super easy to access. Just edge, sheet in and you’re away.

What is the best kitesurfing kite for beginner?

Top 4 Kitesurfing Kites For Beginners: Choose One Of These!

Kite Description
Cabrinha Switchblade all-time best-selling beginner and freestyle kite
Duotone Neo lightweight, 3-strut tried & tested kite for learning and improving
Slingshot Rally powerful, beginner-friendly, solid, best relaunch of all

Does Liquid Force make good kites?

With a wakeboarding background Liquid Force make some awesome boards and have some seriously good kites in the stable to compliment them too. One model that has undergone another refinement and update is the NV v9. The NV v9 is a 3-strut high performance freestyle kite that aims to excel at freeride and wakestyle too.

Who invented wakeboarding?

TONY FINN | Inventor of wakeboarding.