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Did Drake get into a fight?

While digging into the story, Insider discovered a trail of allegations against Drake’s crew. In June 2012, Drake and his entourage were involved in a massive brawl at a New York City club involving Chris Brown and his crew. At the time, Drake had been connected to Rihanna, who had previously dated Brown.

Who did Drake get in a fight with?

Chris Brown Brawl Drake and Brown reportedly fought over Rihanna, Brown’s ex-girlfriend and Drake’s one-time fling. Brown is seen leaving the club in this still from a YouTube video.

Did Diddy really punch Drake?

During an interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” he shot down those reports as untrue (even though Meek Mill recently made a reference to the incident on his Drake dis track “Wanna Know.”) “I did not put hands on Drake and I do not want any problems with Drake,” Diddy said.

Why did Drake beat up Bennett Sipes?

In March 2018, a server at the Los Angeles celebrity hotspot Delilah was brutally beaten in an assault caught on the restaurant’s surveillance cameras. Sipes claims that Drake ordered the beating after making a “throat slash” gesture to his entourage. …

Why did Chris and Drake fight?

Drake opened up about why he decided to end his beef with Chris Brown and collaborate on their song “No Guidance” this year. To refresh, Drake and Brown were longtime enemies mostly due to the “Look At Me Now” singer’s abusive past with Drizzy’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Rihanna.

Who is beefing Drake?

Anyone not living under a rock has most likely seen Drake beefing with Kanye West. The duo has been on unfriendly terms for a while, but with both rappers dropping albums in the past week, this longtime feud is getting personal.

Why did Sommer Ray and Bennett Sipes break up?

Bennett Sipes and Sommer Ray parted ways on bad terms. So, what happened? As Bennett revealed during a previous episode of Love Island USA, he and Sommer used to date. As he remarked, they were living together for a while.

How Old Is Bennett Sipes?

26-years old
Bennett Sipes is a 26-years old Executive assistant from Baltimore, who took part in the second season of Love Island America.