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Co-biography alloy biographies, its continuity with the biographies of other individuals that make up the closest social circle; formed for the period of a single event biography immediate social circle as the indivisible integrity.

The term first appeared in the “Russian Journal of Social Work” in 1997 (Lukow, 1997).
Understanding the empirical data showed that the consideration of the biography as a self-contained research admissibility primarily in terms of a neutral social environment, it is theoretically allows distracting from it or presenting it as a “Society” (an external factor). In this case, the possible success of the study and an entire group of related ways of life, such as through the biography of families Destiny, 1996), but they have done a slice of reality: here, on the one hand, in the foreground is the process of transferring social relays, on the other hand, a method of generalization is based on the generalization of the family. This is a family biography, not a single-family member. That biography is movement on the vital path not alone but surrounded by close relatives and friends, in a research situation remains invisible.

Daily life, realized in the non-problematic social behavior, hides deeper connection paths of life of loved ones. The social situation is likely neutral communicative rationalization of the life-world, disclosed by Habermas through the famous triad, “vanishing point rationalized life-world, to which the radially rush these trends, I characterize key ideas in the long tradition and revision of mobile) during transfer accent in the evaluation of the social order of claims on the legality in the process of discursive positing of norms and rationale, 3) combined into society individuals can only risk the possibility of self-government by means of a highly abstract identity of the self “(Habermas, 1992: 89-90). In emergencies, “risk self-management” of the individual, especially the young, swept away by the impending danger, and in place of suppressed force majeure personal election rush collective or collectively oriented action, acting as a structure.

Keeping social circle is a leading motif of intensive exchange of information between people, was associated overall situation. One gets stable community.

In such cases of force majeure reveals an important aspect of the biography of an individual its continuity with the biographies of other individuals that make up the closest social circle. This connection, biographies alloy is usually limited in time (years of study, years of friendship, love, common tests, and so on. D.), And in this sense individual biography retains its uniqueness. However, for the application of the biographical method, appears to be relying on the unique biography, on the one hand, and on its compliance with the impersonal structures (habitus Bourdieu, Structuration Giddens and so on. P.), On the other, is insufficient. Biographical method should take into account and appearing at certain stages of the life of the alloy of specific people of specific biographies.