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I am of the opinion that children should not be educated at home by their parents. Education is crucial as it opens the realms of success through imparting knowledge. I believe children gain a lot when attending schools than when being educated at home.

The parents might think that homeschooling will make their children enjoy learning as it gets rid of the rigorous school program. However, the child may fail to understand the significance of having a strict program. Besides that, the beliefs and behaviors of the parents acquired through their education and socioeconomic status may negatively affect the child (Davis-Kean, 2005). For this reason, the child might face challenges adapting to the outside world as an adult.


The study by Bolle, Wessel and Mulvihill (2007) identified social withdrawal symptoms on homeschooled students. A child under homeschooling may not know how to communicate with peers. For this reason, they may not learn how to make friends. Given that this aspect is denied through homeschooling, it may prove difficult for such a child to develop social relation skills.

The parents may also argue that they are saving on finances through homeschooling. However, I believe they downplay the financial implications. For instance, if both parents are working, one will have to stay at home to homeschool the children. Moreover, there are other hidden expenses such as the need broaden the child’s experience through traveling.  For this reason, the parents may end up straining financially.

It is essential for parents to take their children to school. The move will ensure the children are exposed to the outside world. The parents will also not strain or struggle in ensuring the learning meets the required standards.