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Can you still use spelling City?

We’re still going to provide our free spelling practice tools to families and classrooms who’ve come to rely on them. VocabularySpellingCity’s Premium Membership is no longer available for purchase. Instead, Premium resources are found only on

Who created Spelling City?

It offers daily offline and online writing lessons through a user-friendly digital platform. John Edelson is the “Mayor” and founder of VocabularySpellingCity. He has a long involvement in interactive software, games, and simulations, starting with his years at Silicon Graphics in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

How do my students log into spelling City?

To use VocabularySpellingCity, students simply log into their email accounts and then are able to go directly to the VocabularySpellingCity web page and click on the Sign in with Google button.

Does AZ learn spelling?

Students access assigned lessons through the Kids A-Z mobile app or student portal. Each assignment includes a range of game-based activities that students can choose from to practice vocabulary, spelling, and phonics in a way that’s fun!

What grade does spelling city go up to?

I use it for weekly assessments and spelling activities. Students come to me reading anywhere from a 1st grade to a 6th grade level.

Do students need a login for spelling City?

The ability to successfully log into an account is vital for teachers and parents to use our resources and for students of Premium Members to have their activities recorded. Please note that students need to log in ONLY if their teacher or parent is a Premium Member and has assigned them a username and password.

Does vocabulary AZ have spelling words?

Vocabulary A-Z is your ideal solution for helping students build vocabulary, spelling and phonics skills! Vocabulary A-Z provides pre-made lesson plans that include words found in specific Reading A-Z, Raz-Plus ELL Edition, or Science A-Z units.