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Can you still get Moshi Monsters?

Closure. On the 13th of November 2019, Mind Candy announced that Moshi Monsters would be closing down on 13 December, 2019 due to the end of support for Adobe Flash Player. On 13 December 2019, the game’s servers had shut down as planned, and the website has been defunct ever since.

Can you play Moshi Monsters on iPad?

Moshi Monsters Village is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod owners all over the world, not just in Britain. The new mobile game launched for Apple devices in the UK before Christmas. Versions for Android phones and tablets, including the Amazon Kindle Fire, will arrive this month.

How do you adopt on Moshi Monsters?

Adoption is the process of adopting a Monster on Moshi Monsters. When adopting a Monster, the player must fill in some information such as their owner name and age. There are six Monsters that are able to be adopted, Katsumas, Poppets, Diavlos, Furis , Zommers and Luvlis.

Where can you find secret codes for Moshi Monsters?

Add ’em here! Secret Codes are codes that can be entered at the Secret Codes page of the Moshi Monsters website and which will give you various items after entering. By using secret codes you can obtain furniture, floors, wallpaper, rox, food, plushies, seeds, clothes, and trophies.

Why do you wear clothing in Moshi Monsters?

Clothing is a special type of item used to dress your monster in Moshi Monsters. Its function is gaining a sense of individuality and showing off to other users who can visit your room and befriend you if they spot you on the street.

Where do you get cheese cake in Moshi Monsters?

Go to the food shop and buy a Roarberry Cheese Cake and return home and feed it to your monster. Doing this will increase it’s health considerably, to make it go up further look in your monster’s profile and buy it’s favorite food. If this does not work you need to buy more Roarberry cheesecake.