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Can you have multiple accounts on Wikipedia?

Use of multiple accounts on Wikipedia is sometimes permitted and sometimes prohibited, depending on the circumstances and the reasons for the additional accounts. But the use of additional accounts for some disruptive or otherwise deceptive purpose is a violation of Wikipedia’s sockpuppetry policy.

What is a sock puppet used for?

Uses. Sock puppets are often used for the education and entertainment of children. They can be used in elaborate puppet shows or children’s plays, much as marionettes would be. The process of making sock puppets is popularly taught as a creative activity in elementary schools.

What is a sock post?

A sockpuppet is a false identity used on the Internet intended to hide a person’s real identity. Another word to describe a sock puppet would be alter ego.

Does Wikipedia delete inactive accounts?

The short answer is, no, Wikipedia never deletes inactive accounts. The reason for this is due to Wikipedia’s attribution policy. If an inactive account was deleted, then any places where the user at one time contributed would lack proper attribution.

What is a socks account?

SOCKS is an Internet protocol that exchanges network packets between a client and server through a proxy server. SOCKS5 optionally provides authentication so only authorized users may access a server.

What does the sock in Baldi’s basics do?

The sock puppet used to create Arts and Crafters in the Kickstarter video. In the Kickstarter video, mystman12 can be seen hitting Arts and Crafters with his ruler. Arts and Crafters is intended to have a beanie plush, but it has yet to be released in the new standard set.

Where did sock puppets originate?

In Spain in the 1200s, Muslim knitters discovered new techniques that allowed wool to be shaped, and with this, the advent of the woollen sock! So why the sock puppet? For much the same reason as in India – as a means of expression.

What kind of puppet is a sock puppet?

hand puppet
A Sock puppet is a simple type of hand puppet made with an adult sock. Most sock puppets have some fabric or plastic facial features added to the sock, such as eyes or a mouth. Some sock puppets may also have accessories such as a hat or clothing. Sock puppets are operated by putting a person’s hand inside the sock.

What does calling someone a sock puppet mean?

a person or group whose actions are controlled by another; a puppet. Also called sock . a false name or identity assumed by an internet user, often to communicate favorable or self-serving comments or used to create a mythical rival with whom that user can successfully argue online.

Is puppeteering a word?

The manipulation of a person, event etc. The art or trade of a puppeteer.

What do you need to know about sock puppetry?

Sock puppetry is the act of using multiple accounts in a manner contrary to accepted practices of the community. Generally users are requested to only use one account, though there are circumstances that may have users to have additional accounts.

What did Mick Foley call his sock puppet?

Professional wrestler Mick Foley has long used a sock puppet by the name of Mr. Socko as an aid in his finishing maneuver, a nerve hold called the Mandible Claw (or Socko Claw), which is usually preceded by Foley theatrically pulling the sock from somewhere on his person.

What’s the difference between a sockpuppet and a pseudonym?

A significant difference between a pseudonym and a sockpuppet is that the sockpuppet poses as a third party independent of the main account operator. Sockpuppets are unwelcome in many online communities and forums.

How are sock puppets used in stealth marketing?

A sockpuppet-like use of deceptive fake identities is used in stealth marketing. The stealth marketer creates one or more pseudonymous accounts, each claiming to be a different enthusiastic supporter of the sponsor’s product, book or ideology.