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Can you email to PayPal?

It’s not possible to send an email to PayPal anymore, but you can send an email-like message to a chat representative. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to receive a response. When a representative is ready to chat, you’ll be notified via email.

What is the legitimate PayPal email address?

A genuine email from PayPal would also address you by name and not start with ‘Dear Customer’. Logging into your account direct and not clicking on any link in the email is the safest way to check what is going on (if anything). Don’t reply or open any attachments, and if in doubt contact PayPal to be 100% sure.

Does PayPal make you wait 24 hours?

24 hour holds are lifted exactly 24 hours after the hold is placed. We review the payment and either allow it on it’s way or reverse it back if there are issues. Holds being placed at the weekend are the same as ones held during the week, the day it was placed does not affect the hold time as it’s not done by a person.

How do I contact emergency PayPal?

If you have any questions, contact our UK customer support team on 020 8080 6500* or 0800 358 9448* from a landline only or visit the PayPal Here community support page.

How do I forward an email to PayPal?

Forward the entire email to [email protected] Do not alter the subject line or forward the message as an attachment. Delete the suspicious email from your email account.

How do I get a PayPal email address?

Also, don’t forget to set a new email address as the primary email.

  1. Go to the Settings page.
  2. In the ‘Email’ section: To add a new email address, click +. Enter the email address and click Add Email. You will receive an email from PayPal to confirm the changes. Click the link and you are all set.

How do I find out my PayPal email?

Your PayPal address is the email address on your PayPal account. You can double-check the address by logging in and going to Profile, and then Add or Edit Email. If it’s the only email address on your account, then you’re logging into your account using that email address as well.

What happens after 21 days PayPal?

When a payment has been held for up to 21 days, the money should be released to your PayPal account within around 24 hours or so. If the money hasn’t been released after this timeframe, you should then try contacting customer services for more information in order to get the money released to your account.

Why is PayPal holding 24 hours?

PayPal notes that the company puts payments on hold to help ensure that the platform is safe and secure for both buyers and sellers. Although the money belongs to you, PayPal will temporarily keep you from accessing it to make sure there’s enough money in your account to resolve issues like chargebacks or disputes.

Does PayPal have a 24 hour customer service number?

You can notify us in the following ways: For any type of unauthorized transaction or error, you can call our customer service at (402) 935-7733.

How do I send PayPal a message?

How to contact PayPal by message

  1. Log into your account on the PayPal website.
  2. On the summary page, scroll down and click the “Contact us” option that appears in the menu bar running along the bottom of the screen.