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Can you connect two ferret nation cages?

If you purchase the double or the add-on, the both have a pass through to connect both cages and the add on does not come with the bottom cart portion. We bought two single units and assembled the cage of the second one and put on top.

How many ferrets can fit in a ferret nation cage?

The Ferret Nation 182 is the double level cage from MidWest that comfortably holds 3-4 ferrets. It comes with three fleece ramp covers and measures about 64″ from top to the casters on the bottom.

What are the dimensions of a ferret nation cage?

36 x 25 x 62.5 inches
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Brand MidWest Homes for Pets
Color Platinum Gray
Item Dimensions LxWxH 36 x 25 x 62.5 inches
Material Wire
Item Weight 93 Pounds

What’s the difference between ferret nation and Critter Nation?

The Ferret Nation has 1-inch bar spacings. The Critter Nation has 1/2 inch which is better for smaller animals. The Ferret Nation has veritcal bars, which are fine for ferrets. The Critter Nation has horizontal bars which are better for animals that climb up the sides.

Can you connect Critter Nation and Ferret Nation?

The Ferret Nation add-on unit is only compatible with newer Ferret Nation and Critter Nation models from MidWest, so be sure your current cage will work. The Ferret Nation 183 will only fit onto Ferret Nation 181 and Ferret Nation 182 models, as well as with the Critter Nation 161.

What is the biggest ferret cage?

Best Extra Large: Yaheetech 6-Tier Rolling Ferret Cage With overall dimensions of 25 x 17 x 52 inches, this six-tiered cage has more than enough room for your ferret to play, roam, and sleep.

Is a ferret nation OK for rats?

The ASPCA suggests a multi-tiered wire ferret cage makes a perfect, spacious, enjoyable, well-ventilated habitat for pet rats. Converting a ferret cage for use with rats is neither complicated nor expensive.

Can rats go in a ferret nation?

The wider Ferret Nation bar spacing can allow young rats to escape, along with many female rats and some smaller male rats. If you only have large male rats, the Ferret Nation may meet your needs today, but in the future, when you get new rats, it may no longer be appropriate.

Is a Ferret Nation OK for rats?

What do you need to know about ferret nation?

Ferret Nation is synonymous with quality. They pride themselves in not only great quality, but also strength and durability as well! Ferret Nation cages are designed with fuzzies and fuzzy owners in mind. Each of their cages features ample amount of space, locking doors, adjustable levels and integrated ramps, and casters for easy movement.

How does a double unit Ferret nation work?

The double unit Ferret Nation creates the spacious living area Ferrets require to thrive. Each double unit Ferret Nation comes equipped with two ramps and ramp covers, two resting shelves and two easy to remove base pans for easy cleaning. We included full width double doors that provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning and feeding.

Is the shelf on a ferret nation cage removable?

The shelf includes a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning and is height adjustable so you can tailor your Ferret Nation cage to your pet’s needs. The Ferret Nation has multiple attaching points for adding hammocks, tubes, toys and other Nation Accessories that are sold separately.

What’s the rule of DIY toys for ferrets?

The cardinal rule of DIY toys for ferrets is never give your ferret a toy that you mind losing. You might think it’s cute that your ferret is playing with the TV remote. But remember that if you look away for one moment the TV remote may disappear, only to be found years later under the washing machine!