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Can olive wood be used for flooring?

Olive wood is one of the hardest of all woods. Tests rank it 3 times as hard as oak. Due to the olive tree’s slow growth, olive wood is also tightly grained and extremely dense. Olive wood’s natural resistance to damage is further enhanced by the manufacturing technology we use to produce our flooring.

How expensive is olive wood?

Olive doesn’t come cheap. Prices start at about $35/bf; figured material has sold for as much as $140/bf. The price reflects the gamble by wholesalers when buying olive logs.

What is the most expensive wood for flooring?

Check out the ten most expensive wood options below.

  • Dalbergia ($14-16/foot)
  • Purple Wood / Purpleheart ($12/foot)
  • Lignum Vitae ($17/lb or $90/foot)
  • Pink Ivory ($7-8/foot)
  • Bloodwood ($11.99/foot)
  • Ebony ($120/foot)
  • Sandalwood ($370/lb)
  • African Blackwood ($31/foot)

Is olive wood waterproof?

Olive wood with its dramatic light and dark grain patterns has long been a top-quality choice for wood bowls, boards and utensils. It is an extremely hard, dense wood making it more stain and odor resistant than most – an important characteristic in a hard-working kitchen tool.

Is olive wood heavy?

Olive wood is wood harvested from Olea europaea and O. While olive trees are praised around the world for their fruit, its lumber has also managed to capture the attention of the worldwide woodworking community, who has managed to find great uses for this hard, heavy, dense and very strong type of wood.

Is olive wood rare?

The small size of olive trees makes olive wood lumber rare and expensive. The olive tree, Olea europaea, is a small and very long-living species of tree found growing primarily in coastal Mediterranean regions.

Why is olive wood special?

The olive wood, farmed form the trees of Olea europaea, is a hard and rich in color wood that is prized all around the world for its appearance, density, straight grain and fine texture. Olive lumber is very strong, but it has a high sensitivity to outside elements and insect attacks.