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Can I use CCI 41 primers for 300 blackout?

Can you use CCI 41 primers for 300 blackout? Yes. It loads about like a regular small rifle primer.

What are CCI 41 primers?

Number 41 Mil-spec primers are made to the same specifications of the U.S. Military and reduce the chances of a slam-fire. While designed for you in Military-style semi-auto rifles, they use the same data as CCI magnum primers. Note from CCI: Effective slam-fire prevention requires more than mil-spec primers.

Can you use small pistol primers for 300 blackout?

Re: Using small pistol primers? I have used CCI and Federal small pistol in my 300BLK with no problem. Surprisingly, they chrony’ed out a little faster than my Wolf small rifle magnum primers.

Can you use CCI 41 primers for 223?

223/ 5.56 rifles. The CCI #41 is a Mil Spec primer very similar to their #400, all of the Small standard primer types (pistol, pistol magnum, rifle, and rifle magnum) will fit in the . 175 pocket and you can find load data calling for each of their use. 223/ 5.56 rifles.

What kind of primer does a 300 Blackout use?

I use standard CCI 400 for my . 223 loads and the stronger CCI 41 for higher pressure 5.56. Now when I started loading 300BLK, I read that Remington 7 1/2 Benchrest primers were recommended so that is what I have been using for my super and sub loads.

What are No 41 primers used for?

Our Mil-Spec No. 41/5.56 primer provides the most reliable, consistent ignition. It’s built to military specifications and specifically designed for use in 5.56 cartridges.

What is the difference in rifle primers?

There are two sizes and four types of primers. Small pistol and rifle primers utilize a cup 0.175″ in diameter, while large pistol and rifle primers measure 0.210″ across. Large rifle primers are 0.008″ thicker than a large pistol primer.

What are CCI benchrest primers?

Bench Rest Rifle Primer Small Rifle Load your long-range competition loads with only the best. CCI® Bench Rest Rifle primers are engineered to provide precision ignition in tough conditions. They’re assembled with extra care for superior consistency and accuracy.

Are CCI 34 primers Magnum?

CCI 7.62mm NATO-Spec Military Primers are a military large rifle primer containing magnum priming mix. The CCI #34 primers are a great choice for reloaders that use military cartridges. These primers are specially made to be harder to ignite which prevents slam fires in military type rifles with a floating firing pin.