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Can I travel Yercaud from Bangalore?

You have three ways by which you can reach Yercaud: You can board a bus which would take 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach Yercaud. If you are driving from Bangalore, it would be a 5 hours drive approximately. You can also take a train to reach Yercaud.

Which route is best for Yercaud?

Your shortest route is Tambaram – Chengalpet – Tindivanam- Villupuram – Kallakurichi – Attur – Salem -Yercaud. The distance is a little over 35 Kms and roads are pretty decent.

Is Yercaud safe to travel?

1 answer. Yes you can travel, hilly road to Yercaud is ok.

How can I go to Yercaud from Bangalore by train?

No direct train from Bangalore is available till Yercaud. A train can take you as far as Salem, from where you will have to take a bus or a private taxi to Yercaud. There are plenty of trains running between Bangalore (SBC/KSR) City Junction Railway Station till Salem Junction (SA).

How many routes are there to Yercaud?

There are two routes of going to Yercaud. One is via Salem while the other one is which I took via Kadayampatti, Danishpet and Kanaivadapur. It’s about 220 km one way and there are plenty of restaurants along the National Highway which can serve your basic food necessities.

Which is better Kodaikanal or Yercaud?

Yercaud is half-way between Bangalore and Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal, on the other hand, is cooler (about 7-8 degrees Celsius lower than Yercaud) and busier, with some highlights (like the Kodai lake and the waterfalls, even though Yercaud has its own lake, smaller but cleaner). …

Do we need Epass to Yercaud?

No e-pass will be required for inter-district travel for wedding events in the 27 districts. Those wanting to visit places such as, the Nilgiris, Kodaikkanal, Yercaud, Yelagiri and Courtallam for emergency purposes will have to avail e-pass from the concerned district collector. …