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Can I get an MOT online?

You can get a replacement MOT certificate online if you’ve lost or damaged the original. This service is free. You’ll need: the vehicle registration (number plate)

What is a VT01 form?

Get the free vt01 form 2020-2021 Get Form. Apply to open, run or change an MOT testing station Use this form to apply for or vary your MOT authorised examiner (AE) status, or make changes to a vehicle testing station (VTS).Before you startYou.

Can I apply for MOT exemption online?

If this is the first time applying for the historic vehicle class, you cannot claim exemption online. This must be done at your local Post Office. You will be required to complete a V112 declaration form to declare MoT exemption.

Is MOT paperless now?

Motorists whose vehicle passes its annual MOT test will no longer be given a paper copy of their emissions test. The change comes into effect from 11 January 2021 and is part of efforts by the DVSA to reduce the use of paper in the MOT.

What paperwork do I need for an MOT?

Before you attend your MOT, it would be helpful to have both your current MOT certificate and V5C Vehicle Registration Document with you. Even if you can’t find either of these, your test centre should be able to find your details on their system.

How long does it take for an MOT to show online?

If you have just taxed your car, had an MOT or declared it SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification), then it will take up to five business days before it shows up on the website. If you are looking to buy a car and see it has failed its MOT, there is no need to immediately dismiss it as a purchase option.

Where do I send my VT01 form?

Send form VT01 to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ( DVSA ). The address is on the form. Use the same form if you already have AE status and want to open a test station. The application form has guidance notes explaining the information you need to include.

What is a MOT AE?

An AE is the person or organisation charged with overseeing the day to day operations of an MOT testing station the authorised examiner must have completed a two day training course and achieved the relevant qualifications before the MOT station can lawfully carry out any MOT Tests.

How do I claim MOT exemption?

To get exemption from the MoT you’ll need to register as a Vehicle of Historic Interest (VHI) When taxing your car, you’ll need to declare that it is exempt from the MoT process, and confirm that it has not been substantially changed in the past 30 years.

How do I know if my Vehicle is MOT exempt?

You do not need to get an MOT if:

  1. the vehicle was built or first registered more than 40 years ago.
  2. no ‘substantial changes’ have been made to the vehicle in the last 30 years, for example replacing the chassis, body, axles or engine to change the way the vehicle works.

How do I Check my Mot?

Check your vehicle’s MOT. The government website let’s you check details on your vehicles MOT. It’s quick and easy so should only take 2 mins. To find out online you will need to have The vehicle’s VRM (registration mark) and also either of the following: The MOT test number (you can get this from the VT20 test certificate or…

What do they check on a MOT?

An MOT involves dozens of checks on your car, ranging from the brakes and fuel system to lights, mirrors, seatbelts, windscreen wipers and exhaust system. It doesn’t cover the condition of the engine, clutch and gearbox.

What does a MOT check?

What does an MOT test check include? Exterior. The general overall condition of the vehicle will be checked over. Exhausts & Fuel. The fuel system must be free from leaks and the fuel cap must close securely. Electrics. A thorough check of the electrics will be undertaken. Interior. Doors must latch securely when closed. Lights & Visibility. Safety.

Does Mot check locks?

Locks are covered on the MOT test, but generally speaking it is normally a concern if the doors do not open/unlock. However, it will be up to the examiner to decide whether the fact that the doors do not lock represent a risk to the roadworthiness of the car.