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Staying active and working out is vital for maintaining overall health at any segment of your life. The fitness trend is catching up among people of all ages, and they are striving hard to achieve their desired goals. The pandemic situation has rendered the gym’s closing, resulting in-home workouts and bodyweight exercises gaining popularity among the youth. Staying inside closed doors has affected people’s fitness routine and increased weariness among them. Building muscles will provide more benefits to your entire body than just looking good and able to lift heavy things. The motivation to build muscle and stay stronger should always be burning until you achieve the desired target.

Before starting to work out, create a structured workout plan that will help you regularly do the exercise without inducing additional strain to other body parts. Keep a proper calculation of workout sets and break time to maintain good form throughout the routine.

The best workouts to perform for building your muscles are:


The deadlifting workout involves bending down and picking up a heavyweight that can virtually activate every muscle in your body. There are various types of deadlifts for building muscles, and the following is a way to perform a conventional one:

  • Position the barbell on the top of your shoe and stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Hinge back at the hips and knees and move forward until your core is parallel with the floor.
  • With your back flat, reach the bar using a shoulder-width with a double handgrip.
  • Using your leg strength, pull the bar from the floor to the hip slowly, and keep the bar close to the body at all times.
  • Lifting to the hip, keep your knee straight and back flat and hinge your hips like a seesaw.
  • Pause a sec at the top, position your arm on the bar and drop the bar like pushing it to the floor.
  • Leave it through your whole foot and keep your knees and back straight while hitting the ground. Do it continuously for the required number of sets.


Pull-ups involve lifting your body higher than a bar set at an elevated stand at different levels. Just like a deadlift, this workout also activates more muscles in the body than you realize. The simple way to do one pull-up is:

  • Stand under a pull-up bar and grab the bar with your hand using more than shoulder-width apart and palms facing against you.
  • Keep your body compact, legs close and eyeliner straight.
  • Lift your body straight up towards the barb until your chin passes it while keeping your back and lats engaged.
  • Gently lower your body to the hanging position and keep your body tight to avoid any swinging movements. Repeat it until your achievable target.

Bench press:

The bench press is a crucial workout for the upper body that involves moving the bar up and down in a straight manner from your chest on a bench. The best way to do a bench press workout is:

  • Recline on the bench with your back flat, legs placed firmly on the ground, and eyes set under the bar.
  • Tight your core, legs, glutes, and keep your wrists neutral.
  • Place your hand on the bar using a wider than shoulder-width apart firmly.
  • Carefully take the bar out of the bench and lift the bar high up, suspending it above your chest.
  • Lower the bar slowly till you reach the chest and slightly tap your mid-chest region.
  • Pushing the bar back up, keep your elbows close to your body and push it up until your arms are totally extended and stable. Continue this until the intended routine.

Shoulder press:

The Shoulder press involves lifting the bar over and about the shoulders at an elevated stand. The following are the steps to do a shoulder press:

  • Place your hands on the bar using more than shoulder-width apart and position the bar on a front rack such that it rests on the front of your shoulder.
  • Take the bar out of the rack and move a step back with your legs at a hip distance apart.
  • Keep your core, glutes, and legs tight, and make sure your legs don’t drive up the bar.
  • Push the bar up and past your head until your arms are fully extended and your heads through it.
  • Pause it for a sec at the top to stabilize your arms. Repeat this exercise until the set target and place it back on the rack after completion.


Regular exercise can improve your mental health, reduce the risk of many diseases, extend lifespan and keep your mood better. Workouts like the deadlift, pull-ups, bench press, and shoulder press are some of the best examples of building muscles. Even inactive people can gain significant benefits just by increasing their physical activity. So, consider doing exercises to lead a healthy and longer life.