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Best Smart Grow Apps for Growing Cannabis in 2019

Cannabis community is increasing year-by-year and a lot of states are legalizing cannabis. Gone are the days where farmers need to take scribble notes on stained notepads in the grow room. Currently, there are some of the amazing grow apps which provide complete details about your plant.

Taking help of growing apps for growing cannabis is really beneficial. How? The app guides to take essential steps to grow cannabis properly. Also, it allows connecting with a growing community of like-minded people. Using these apps, users can check their previous grows, find photo evidence from various strains, and schedule nutrients or watering at the touch of a finger.

There is no doubt, how the latest technological advancements are changing the way we grow weed, however, this innovation was firstly available to commercial growers. With a great budget, all commercial growers are doing great production of cannabis. Before purchasing, you must visit cannabisradar for buying guides. With the help of a smartphone, the information is now available to home growers on their fingertips.

For growing cannabis, you require a LED grow lights. For more details, check our list of best grow lights for cannabis.

Without further do, let’s get started with best grow apps for cannabis.

Top Smart Grow Apps

1. Botana

This is the most popular app available for Cannabis growers. It consists of a wide number of amazing features which can be useful to both, hobbyist and commercial grower.

The database consists of more than 9000 grower-created cultivars. It allows you to create your own strain and share with the community. The app enables you to take unlimited photos of your garden. Here, you should organize them based on date, so that you can refer it easily in future.

It allows you to view the latest trends and insights about your garden. Also, you can track unlimited gardens. Using bug tracker, you can easily remove the pests. With the help of the app, you can set up your growing media, lights, feeding rules and also growing environment.

Using the app, you can schedule your feedings to monitor water usage and the health of your growing media. Lastly, it also allows tracking environment variables over time. They are continuously adding new features in the app.

2. GrowBuddy

GrowBuddy is one of the most amazing apps for cannabis growers. The app is filled with a lot of amazing information not only for a hobbyist but also for commercial growers. The app maintains a complete database, which provides you particular grow data to help you learn from your mistakes and compare with other strains and crops.

The GrowBuddy app is complete cannabis grow guide, which allows you to schedule and make a list of tasks such as watering and adding nutrients. It effectively collects the details of the growing environment, keeps precise notes including photographic evidence on the daily growth of your crop and stores details of mother plants and their clones and curing process.

They are planning to make it the ultimate app for growing cannabis with the latest views from community members and experts. Apart from this, it allows you to check the growth of your plant from any device and from anywhere.

3. Jane

Jane is yet another popular app in the market with more than 50,000 installs. This app’s main purpose is to provide beginners with proper guidance, grow logs and scheduling tools for their daily operations. The app is currently best for smaller, amateur weed farmers, hobbyist, however, they are constantly trying to improve by adding new features and security updates.

In order to provide the best security to the user, the app provides a great feature which allows users to work completely offline or inside an anonymous account. Apart from this, the app provides space for users to share their data, photos and other details with the entire Jane community.

Using these apps to grow cannabis at home effectively. We hope that you liked our collection of Best Smart Grow Apps for Growing Cannabis in 2019. Lastly, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and followers.