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Are the van Tulleken brothers married?

It was revealed in an episode of Operation Ouch! (Series 6, episode 9) that Chris van Tulleken has a wife and a daughter. His wife Dinah gave birth to a second daughter in June 2020. In a 2016 episode of Horizon titled How To Find Love Online, presenter Xand stated that he was single and a user of online dating.

What nationality is Zand van Tulleken?

Alexander van Tulleken/Nationality

Which van Tulleken twin is older?

Lewis: In the show, Chris, you describe Xand as seven minutes older chronologically, but 10 years older biologically. What do you mean? Chris van Tulleken: Because he has lived with obesity, and because he is currently living with being overweight—that ages you.

What kind of doctor is Dr Xand?

He grew up in London and trained in medicine at Oxford University. He specialized in infectious disease and tropical medicine. He currently combines research into the molecular genetics of HIV with medical practice at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London.

Where does the name van Tulleken come from?

van Tulleken Surname Definition: From place name in Holland.

Who is older Dr Xand or Chris?

Dr Chris and Dr Xand are twins. Chris is seven minutes younger than his brother Alexander – Xand for short. Dr Xand grew a beard at the request of TV producers who needed the twins to look different.

Where does Dr Chris and Dr Xand live?

Dr Chris is based at University College London Hospital and Dr Xand is the Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow at Fordham University’s Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs.

WHO IS DR Xands brother?

Chris van Tulleken
Alexander van Tulleken/Brothers

Does Dr Xand have a son?

Alexander “Dr Xand” van Tulleken (born 18 August 1978) is a British doctor, TV presenter and an identical twin. He is best known for presenting the CBBC children’s series Operation Ouch! with his slightly younger twin brother Chris, and the Channel 4 show How to Lose Weight Well….

Xand van Tulleken
Children 1 son

What age is Dr Xand van Tulleken?

43 years (August 18, 1978)
Alexander van Tulleken/Age

Does Xand van Tulleken have a child?

Julian Van Tulleken
Alexander van Tulleken/Children

What is Dr Xands job?

Television presenterWriterTV Personality
Alexander van Tulleken/Professions