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Are Raisels raisins?

According to a press release, Raisels are sour, fruit-flavored golden raisins, which are then sprinkled with a touch of sugar to awaken their flavor. The flavors currently include Watermelon Shock, Fruit Splash, Orange Burst, and Lemon Blast—each of which are all-natural.

Are Raisels good for you?

Raisels are rich in antioxidants, fat free, cholesterol free, and contain no sodium or high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Raisels provide 100% recommended daily allowance for Vitamin C and are Kosher Certified. Raisels are fruit-flavored golden raisins with a light dusting of sugar.

Who owns Raisels?

National Raisin produces organic and conventional raisins for retail customers under the Champion, Newman’s Own Organics and Raisels. In addition, National Raisin’s industrial production offers its items as ingredients for baked goods, desserts and more.

Are Raisels sours gluten free?

Raisels are produced in a nut and tree nut free facility. Raisels Sours don’t contain wheat or wheat contaminants.

What is a golden raisin?

In the US, sultanas are referred to as “golden raisins” or “sultana raisins.” These grapes are treated with a preservative called sulfur dioxide to retain the lighter color of the grape. Sultanas are typically smaller than raisins and are sweeter, juicer and lighter in color than both raisins and currants.

When were Raisels invented?

Raisels, National Raisin Company’s most innovative product, started in 2008, when our team began to feel the need for a family-friendly food that kids liked to eat and moms wanted to buy.

Who makes Sun Maid raisins?

Sun-Maid Growers of California
Sun-Maid Growers of California is an American privately owned cooperative of raisin growers headquartered in Fresno, California Sun-Maid is the largest raisin and dried fruit processor in the world….Sun-Maid.

Logo in use since April 2020
Type Agricultural cooperative
Products Raisins and Dried Fruit

What dried fruit is a sultana?

Sultanas are made from green seedless grapes, particularly the Thompson Seedless variety. Unlike raisins, sultanas are typically coated in an oil-based solution prior to drying to speed up the process. For this reason, they are often lighter in color than raisins and currants.

Why is it called Sun-Maid?

Soon after, a local advertiser named, E.A. Berg coined one of the most iconic brand names in American history: Sun-Maid — a nod to the natural process of raisins being “made” in the California sun.

Why are raisins expensive?

In 2017, raisins were damaged by extreme heat and in September, rain prevented them from drying properly in their vulnerable, wooden bins. This meant fewer raisins, which meant that raisins were naturally going to be more expensive.

What is the difference between a sultana and a currant?

Sultanas are made from seedless green grapes. They are often dipped in a solution prior to drying, which speeds up the process. They are often the juiciest and lightest in color. Currants are made from small grape varieties.