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Are Neopets Faerie quests worth it?

Conclusion. Air Faerie Quests, along with Crafting Faerie Quests, are not really worth it to most players, though the other quests are a must! It’s important to consider the cost of the requested item before you accept or decline a quest however. Good luck out there!

How do you get the Faerie Fortune Cookie Quest?

This fortune cookie can be activated from your inventory. After activation, should visit Faerie Quests in Faerieland to claim your first quest. You may not open additional cookies while one is active. You’ll need to wait for your current cookie to expire before opening more.

Do Faerie quests expire?

Often, people don’t realise their Fountain Faerie Quest won’t expire any time soon. Naia will patiently wait until you decide what you want to do with your quest. This is great for people that don’t want to trade it off, but there is no colour that really catches their eye at the moment.

Where do you get Faerie quests in Neopets?

There is a link to it in Faerie City (Faerieland), one in the Guild Head Quarters, and one at Pet Central. Apart from that you will also get a link to the Faerie Quests page if you go to the Shop Wizard page while you are on a quest.

What quests are worth doing in Neopets?

Quests – Are They Worth It?

  • Most of the ordinary Faerie quests are very cheap and they raise a pet statistic.
  • The Snow Faerie quests are usually very expensive.
  • The Brain Tree quests involve feeding the Esophagor.
  • The Witch quests tend to be fairly cheap but most of the prizes are worthless Spooky Food.

Are Taelia quests worth it?

The Quest. Like many other faeries throughout Neopia, Taelia is in constant need of items for her various spells. It’s up to you to find the items and bring them to her! Usually, if the total of the items is less than 5,000 NP, the quest is worth doing because you’ll either break even or come out ahead.

What is a faerie quest fortune cookie?

What is the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie? Once open, you will be able to accept one guaranteed Faerie Quest a day for 9 Neopian days. You will continue to be eligible for random Faerie Quests around the site while you have this Fortune Cookie active.

Can you use Faerie quest cookies on a side?

Rico said: “Yes, since you can gain certain things from a quest we don’t allow them to be used on sides but you can send it to a main (if you have a giftbox).”

How do I get the Rainbow faerie quest?

In order to receive entry to the Rainbow Fountain, you have to obtain the item the faerie wants. The item can be any r94-96 item, which will vary greatly in price. If you’re having second thoughts about going to buy an expensive item, consider what you wish to paint your Neopet.

What colors can the Fountain faerie do?

If you have access to the Rainbow Fountain you can paint your active pet almost any color you wish! However, some colors are not available, among these are: Royal, Msp, Sponge, Robot, Ice, Usuki and Quiguki. Painting a Buzz at the Rainbow Fountain will give you the Buzzin avatar.

How do I turn in faerie Quest on Neopets?

To hand an item in, or to cancel your current faerie quest, visit the quests page. If your active Neopet is currently in a battle in the Battledome, the faerie will not accept your item. You will either need to finish your item or switch your active Neopet.

How do I get Kaia quest?

Appearance. Kaia will randomly appear as a faerie quest when you have at least one Neocash item in your inventory. If you don’t want to receive any of Kaia’s quests (especially when using a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie or during the Faerie Quest event), then you must not keep any Neocash items in your inventory.