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Are K Yairi guitars good?

Every K. Yairi I have played has been a great playing and sounding guitar comparable to more expensive instruments. Craftsmanship is very good. I wouldn’t shy away from laminated backs or sides myself.

Are Alvarez guitars easy?

Alvarez AC65 The Alvarez AC65 is an acoustic guitar suitable for players who want to become classical players, or beginners who wish to have a comfortable and an instrument that is easy to play. This classical guitar comes with a cedar top with scalloped bracing and semi-gloss.

Are Alvarez Yairi guitars all solid wood?

All of the Alvarez Masterworks are made in China, The Yairi Masterworks are made in Japan. Both are all solid wood.

How do you pronounce Yairi?

Phonetic spelling of Yairi

  1. yair-i.
  2. YAY-Ri.
  3. yaiy-ri.

What kind of guitar does Alvarez Yairi play?

Alvarez Yairi Stage WY1 Solid AA Cedar Top Folk/OM Acoustic Electric Guitar (Open Box) Alvarez-Yairi guitars have held a special place in players’ hearts for nearly fifty years. Some of the greatest songwriters and guitarists ever to grace the planet have played them.

What’s the serial number on a Yairi acoustic guitar?

Up for auction is a vintage ALVAREZ by K.Yairi Model DY90 acoustic guitar and original hard-shell case. The Abalone Super” Serial No. 21311 Ref: 52.10.29 12-3/78 52090421 Shows a few dings and marks from playing and normal wear.

Where is the Yairi guitar factory in Japan?

The Yairi factory is in the small town of Kani, in the hills north of Nagoya, Japan. Here they have been making guitars for 80 years. The late Kazuo Yairi was one of the finest and most successful luthiers of our time and helped design and make Alvarez-Yairi guitars for nearly 50 years. The pride within the factory is immediately evident.

What kind of guitar does Kazou Yairi play?

1984 Kazou Yairi Alvarez DY45 VERY HIGH QUALITY GUITAR- INCREDIBLE SOUND SUNBURST DREADNOUGHT ACOUSTIC Built in 1984 by Kazuo Yairi for Alvarez. Model DY45. Serial# 52565. Incredible big. Full sound. Great volume, resonance, sustain, and clarity.