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Are Jostens rings real?

Natural Genuine Elements Stone® Rings Class rings are designed to capture your story in a unique way — and our Natural Genuine Elements Stones do just that. Globally sourced and individually distinctive, these authentic stones allow you to share your journey in new and stylish ways.

Is my class ring stone real?

Many stones used in class rings are either genuine gemstones, such as onyx and tiger’s eye, or glass and synthetic gemstones. Complex class rings may even have specially cut stones, or metal emblems that are inserted into the middle of the stone.

How much does a Jostens class ring weigh?

The men’s traditional ring weight is approximately 21 grams. The ladies’ traditional ring is 8.71 grams.

Are old class rings valuable?

Some can be very valuable, and some were sold just for the scrap price. Very old class rings, class rings from time-honored universities, and class rings from elite schools and colleges are eligible for selling at particularly high prices. We know that very rare WWII class rings have sold for over $10,000.

Do pawn shops take class rings?

Pawn shops will buy your old jewelry and give you cash for it, as long as it is made out of precious materials. Precious materials are stones or metals that hold value. It’s unlikely a pawnbroker will want to resell your ring as is, since class rings aren’t in demand such as wedding rings and engagement rings are.

Is Jostens real gold?

18K: 75% pure gold, 25% metal allow. 14K: 58.5% pure gold, 41.5% metal allow.

Does Jostens resize rings for free?

Your Jostens ring may be resized at any time free of charge, if in resizable condition. Any defect in materials or workmanship that are present at the time of original delivery will be repaired or, at Jostens discretion, the product will be replaced at no charge if repairs cannot be made.

What stones does Jostens use?

Natural Genuine Elements Stones™

  • Tiger’s Eye. TE.
  • Malachite. MAL.
  • Blue Pietersite. PET.
  • Golden Pietersite. GDP.
  • Red Pietersite. RDP.

What is Jostens ShadowCast?

Jostens. ShadowCast™ coating is a diamond-like carbon coating which adds a rich-black metal finish to the White Lustrium® ring, giving it a unique and bold look. This creates a hard coating for the ring making it durable and strong.