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Are Graystripe and Tigerstar cousins?

First cousins: Tigerstar: Deceased, no residence. Longtail: Deceased, verified StarClan member.

How is Graystripe related to firestar?

Rainflower- Graystripe, as we’ve figured, is related to Firestar, and Graystripe’s mate was Silverstream, whose father was Crookedstar, whose mother was Rainflower. Simple. Bluestar is related to Firestar, right? And Bluestar’s sister was Snowfur, whose mate was Thistleclaw.

How many children does Tigerstar have?

He visits his two sons, Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost, in their dreams and teaches them battle skills and leadership tactics. While Brambleclaw is hesitant to be influenced by his father, Hawkfrost welcomes his advice and plots to take control of the Clans much in the same way as his father did.

Who was Firestar’s first love?

Spottedleaf was Firestar’s first love. He had a crush on her when he first came to ThunderClan, and grieved when she died.

What is Graystripe kittypet name?

Following his capture, Graystripe is now a kittypet living with Twolegs, and befriends a fellow kittypet named Millie, teaching her about Clan life and how to fight and hunt.

Who gave Tigerstar his nine lives?

“Well,” he finally said. “Go on, I trust that Starclan will give you your nine lives Tigerstar.” Taking in a deep breath, Tigerstar paddled up to the glittering stone. He put his nose against it and shut his eyes tight.

Who was Tigerstar’s true love?

Tigerstar/Significant others
Goldenflower most likely did not love him anymore once she found out what he had been doing to ThunderClan, but this did not change how she felt about her kits. The Erin Hunter’s confirmed that Sasha was Tigerstar’s true love, not Goldenflower.

Where did Graystripe get his two kits from?

Silverstream then tells him she’s expecting his kits; however, she dies from blood loss while kitting at Sunningrocks, devastating Graystripe. He names his two kits, Stormkit and Featherkit, and brings them to ThunderClan. To avoid battle, Graystripe yields them to RiverClan under Crookedstar’s command and decides to stay with him.

What did Graystripe do in the Old Forest?

Later, Graystripe made his own journey to the old forest, where he helped Gremlin’s son, Fang, after making a promise to her in the past, and briefly reunited with Stormfur and Barley.

Who are Graystripe and Silverstream’s Baby Kits?

Graystripe fell in love with Silverstream, a RiverClan warrior, but she died giving birth to their kits, Stormfur and Feathertail. After Graystripe reunited with ThunderClan, he and Millie had Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and Briarlight. For more of Graystripe’s family, click here! Appearances

Where does Graystripe find his new mate Millie?

Graystripe finds his way to the Clans in their new territories, along with his new mate, Millie. They reach the Clans during a Gathering, being reunited with Firestar.